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My first trip to see John of God for migraines in 2005 when I was a teacher.




Choose From
3 Options for Healing




Option 1:  Enter your name in our Free Healing List.

All names will be placed in the prayer triangle as soon as Julie arrives in Abadiania, Brazil in April.

Click Here for more information about the free healing list.

Option 2:  Send a photo with Julie.

Send a photo with Julie.  As soon as Julie receives your photos she will begin to do special sacred healings and blessings over your photo via Distance Reiki every day until she leaves for Brazil on April 4th, 2016. Julie will take your photo to Brazil and literally carry your picture with her as she visits sacred sites which include but is not limited to:

  • 6 crystal bed sessions
  • 2 current room meditation sessions (these last 4 hours each)
  • 2 spiritual interventions blessed personally by John of God
  • 2 waterfall sessions
  • daily prayers and blessings throughout her 12 days in Brazil
  • daily posts on our FB page (John of God Healing Miracles) of her journey
  • blessed item from the bookstore

Click Here for photo requirements.

Option 3:  Send a photo to be presented before John of God.

Send a photo to be presented before John of God and receive HERBS or a blessed CRYSTAL for a deeper more intense healing that lasts up to 40 days after Julie returns home.  Option 2 is automatically included with this option.

Click Here for more information about John of God Photo Healing.


If you are interested in joining us for the “John of God Spiritual Transformation Retreat” or have any questions, CLICK HERE.


Pet Healing Package $25 includes:

dog and cat

  • Pet petition – please email, text or postal mail a recent photo with up to 3 issues for healing.
  • One 10 min. follow-up on healing concerns (book through my online scheduling program)
  • Crystal add $45

Many of our pet’s issues are related to their owner.  Therefore it is highly recommended that the person closest to the pet also do a healing.  Often when the owner receives a healing the pet’s issue is resolved.

2015-04-17 17.51.26At the casa is a Saint Francis area where I like to take the pet petitions. Click here to watch a 2 min clip of this area:  2014 Saint Francis Video   John of God does not prescribe herbs for animals. However many people report miraculous results with their pets as animals are very receptive to healing energies.


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Testimonials from Bob Dinga & Diana Rose

Testimonials: The Power of Having Photos Presented at the Casa de Dom Inacio
For anyone who doubts the power of this process, which includes the power of the herbs, read the following: “I want to tell you what happened the day the photos were passed before the entity. I was sitting teaching and I experienced a breath release in my liver and a touch and then another breath release. This went into my solar plexus and then a soft wiping touch of my lungs followed. After this I became aware of my heart as a raw physical organ, slightly inflamed, and soon after experienced my heart being touched and filled as if with water to about one third full with love a love like I have never felt, that made me aware that I had never experienced love before. It was quite extraordinary and different from any other non-physical physical experience I have ever had. That night I opened up my emails and there was this letter from you saying that the entity had seen my photo. Thank you for this service you and they have done for me.” Cast all of your cares, your problems your anxiety your pain, your hurt your anger, all of your issues upon HIM & BELIEVE. ~ from New Zealand

Dear Ones,
Just spoke w/ Pat, the lady here in St. Louis who got herbs for the first time. She states 2 or 3 days after starting the herbs she felt a “hand” touch her fractured knee. She knew it was an entity so she asked the name and was told “St. Ignatius”. He worked w/ her over several days and communicated much info. to her. When she went back to the Dr. he didn’t understand how it was completely healed!!!!! Ha! We know!!!!! How’s that for the story of the day??
Love You……..Shirley