John of God Day 2: “Volunteer Spiritual Intervention”

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Day 2 – First day of the Casa with Medium Joao (John of God)

Today (April 8th, 2015) with much excitement and anticipation we walked to the Casa to see Medium Joao.

Our group decided to leave in pairs as some were not finished with breakfast and others wanted to get to the Casa early to get a seat in the Main Hall.  Oftentimes, Medium Joao will address the crowd before the days’ work and do physical interventions on stage so it is well worth going early to get a seat.

So Ruby, Cher and I got a seat inside the main hall excitedly watching and waiting for the events of the day to unfold.  The hall was packed with people from all around the world.  You could feel the excitement in the air as we sat together praying for health and harmony in our lives.

At precisely 8:00 am on Wednesday morning the Casa Workers welcomed us all and they immediately invited anyone with a Revision ticket or 2nd Time Line ticket to come up for “VOLUNTEER INTERVENTION.”

I had a manila envelope on my lap filled with photos of the people that came with me on the tour, my family, friends, clients and I also had a list of 800 names from my Free Healing List.  I took this envelope with me everywhere I went so every time I participated or engaged in anything, it was in the spirit of helping not only the people that were with me on this tour but for the hundreds of names I literally held in my hands.

I asked Spirit if it was in the highest good of all for me to do a “volunteer intervention” and then I looked over at Cher and our eyes locked and we both simultaneously said, “Let’s do this!”  I leaned over to Ruby and told her to wait for the “1st Time Line” to be called and to come and see me later if she had questions or needed anything.

The Casa Assistant took us into a small room off the current room and I prayed over all of the names and all of the people I had brought for about 20 minutes.

The energy was quite high and I could feel the entities begin their work.

Once you have had an intervention you are to go to your room for 24 hours and not talk to anyone.  I call it the QUIET RULE.  I asked for a dispensation on this rule so that I could still assist my group with any questions they might have.

That is one nice thing about the Casa.  If there is a rule or guideline that is presented you can always ask for a “dispensation” or “permission” for flexibility with the rule so you may carry on without interfering with the healing work that you just received.

Cher and I took a taxi back to the Pousada and quietly went to our rooms.  I quickly messaged my family & friends and posted on our John of God FB page to let them know we had all just received a “VOLUNTEER INTERVENTION” and to be quiet and rest as much as possible for the next 24 hrs.

I could feel the power of the healing as I meditated for 24 hours on love and sacred blessings for the over 800 names I had with me at all times and the 40 photos along with all who had traveled with me. It is such an honor to serve in such an extraordinary way.

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