John of God Day 9: Spiritual Intervention #2

2015-04-08 07.09.01We continue our lovely journey as Julie shares her personal thoughts from her April 2015 journal where she guides a group on a 12 day journey to see John of God the world-renowned Psychic Medium, spiritual healer and deep trance channel for healing. 

Casa days are considered “high intensity” days because this is what you have truly come here for, to be bathed in the vibrational frequency of the Casa Entities through the physical being known as John of God.

The Casa Entities are everywhere and present daily, but only Medium Joao (John of God) is in full-swing on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week.

The other days of the week he might be seen milling around the town, engaging with the visitors. It is said that Medium Joao constantly moves in and out of deep trance so you never know if you meet up with him if he is “in Entity” form or actually himself.  Those who have known him long can easily tell, but the travelers are quite unaware.

So on this day, Wednesday, week 2, I had encouraged my group to join me for breakfast and walk to the Casa together.  It is a nice ritual and a great way to come together and heal as a group energy as well as individually.

P1000019When we arrived at the Casa at 7:25am it was standing room only inside the Main Hall.  Oftentimes, Medium Joao will come out on stage and speak with the group or perform volunteer PHYSICAL Spiritual Interventions.  This is similar to surgery but they do not like to use medical terminology as Medium Joao is not a doctor.

When you volunteer for a PHYSICAL Spiritual Intervention you must have a PHYSICAL issue.  One of the gals in our group had wanted to do a physical intervention. When we got to the front of the line and the assistant asked her what she wanted it for she replied “Whatever’s in my highest good.”  And the Brazilian girl said, “No, must be something PHYSICAL.”

I guess that only makes sense.  It is all a learning process for all of us.  What I have learned (sometimes the hard way) is that it is best to be SPECIFIC with your requests.

What I do is make a “laundry list” of physical issues I’d like healing for and then during my prayers and meditations I ask God for more general, escoteric requests like “enlightenment” or “awakening.”  It is best if you can end ALL requests with “whatever’s in my highest good” which is like saying, “God I would like healing for THIS AND BE SPECIFIC, but then say… you know what is in my highest good so I surrender this healing to you trusting that you know what needs to be done.”

2015-04-17 12.25.14Needless to say, almost our entire group gathered together in the Intervention Room for a most profound spiritual healing. I sat quiet and still with my lap full of all the names and photos of over 1000 people seeking healing of all sorts.  The next 24 hours was spent in quiet contemplation as I prayed for each person asking God to open their hearts to receive his love.

By your faith you are healed.

We all supported each other during the 24 hour bed rest and I obtained dispensation from the Casa Entities to attend to my group’s needs during that sacred time.

We’d love to have you join us on our next Spiritual Pilgrimage helping you to heal your mind, body and spirit, reveal your own truths and expand your psychic and spiritual awareness. Whether you join us in person, via a photo or through our free healing list you too can experience the beautiful energy of the Casa.

John of God Spiritual Healing Transformation Retreat
Monday, April 4th– Saturday, April 16th, 2016
$1950 – 2300*

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Can’t Travel to Brazil to See John of God?


Julie Geigle

♥ Thank you for sharing this with someone who needs healing. ♥



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