John of God Day 10: Crystal Bed Glory

Day 10, Thursday.  The morning was quiet as most everyone in our group had undergone the Spiritual Intervention the day before.  Once you have a Spiritual Intervention you are required to rest for 24 hours in your room.  You can go and get meals but you are not suppose to interact with anyone and definitely no talking. For some people this is quite hard, but for me it is quite heavenly. We … [Read more...]

John of God Day 9: Spiritual Intervention #2

We continue our lovely journey as Julie shares her personal thoughts from her April 2015 journal where she guides a group on a 12 day journey to see John of God the world-renowned Psychic Medium, spiritual healer and deep trance channel for healing.  Casa days are considered "high intensity" days because this is what you have truly come here for, to be bathed in the vibrational frequency of the … [Read more...]

Dream Your Biggest Dream

Say each thought lovingly to yourself & watch magical things begin to happen: ♥ All of my actions support my intentions. ♥ I am committed to living my life passionately and purposefully. ♥ As I proclaim my intention, my life unfolds accordingly. Expand your awareness with wonderful words: exordium ZAWR-dee-uhm, noun: 1. The beginning of anything. 2. The introductory part of an … [Read more...]

Faith & Finances

Welcome, I am Metatron. Kate: My question is about money, I believe that God will provide, but how do I feel reassured and have faith over financial concerns? Metatron: Thank you. And so we would like to remind you of the law of attraction and the principals within the law. When you can stay in faith trusting that God is bringing you everything you need to be safe and secure you are in … [Read more...]