Video “Tips for Calming Chaos” Wake-up Wednesdays

This week Julie shares the following messages in the video below channeled from Archangel Metatron: 1. Pleiadians have come here for this healing to assist with mental health issues. 2. Your default program automatically moves you into fear and crazy. 3. What does fear look like in your body? 4. It takes a conscious effort to move into presence, awareness and recalculate for … [Read more...]

Courage is a Choice

Courage is a choice. It is available to all of us not just a select few. Courage begins with the desire to want something different in your life, something more. Courage often comes when we get tired of being beaten down and are ready to rise up and claim the powerful being that we are. In every moment you have the right, the power, the choice to be courageous or weak. Sometimes courage is not … [Read more...]