Archangel Metatron “Pets in Heaven”

This week’s energy report from Archangel Metatron is infused with love from our heavenly pets. “Pets in Heaven” is our theme for the week. "My heart overflows with love for my pets here and in heaven. I am blessed to have furry friends everywhere" is the affirmation to strengthen the love in your heart and the connection you have to animals. Welcome, I am Metatron here in service to … [Read more...]

Archangel Metatron Energy Report “Action Creates Awesome”

  This week’s energy report from Archangel Metatron comes to help us discern between inspired action and ego-driven action. “Inspired Action”  is our theme for the week. “I allow inspired action to flow through me co-creating with God, the Divine Source Energy, awesomeness in my life” is the affirmation to align with your highest good forming a true partnership with the Heavens … [Read more...]