John of God Day 10: Crystal Bed Glory

Day 10, Thursday.  The morning was quiet as most everyone in our group had undergone the Spiritual Intervention the day before.  Once you have a Spiritual Intervention you are required to rest for 24 hours in your room.  You can go and get meals but you are not suppose to interact with anyone and definitely no talking. For some people this is quite hard, but for me it is quite heavenly. We … [Read more...]

John of God Day 3: “Surprise!!”

Today (April 9th, 2015) we emerged from our 24 hour rest period of Spiritual Intervention. During Spiritual Intervention you are asked to isolate yourself for 24 hrs.  Some people find this hard to do, others (like myself) find it quite easy and enjoyable.  You are to lie down and close your eyes for 24 hours.  You may get up to eat three times a day or use the bathroom, but nothing else.  I make … [Read more...]

John of God Day 2: “Volunteer Spiritual Intervention”

Today (April 8th, 2015) with much excitement and anticipation we walked to the Casa to see Medium Joao. Our group decided to leave in pairs as some were not finished with breakfast and others wanted to get to the Casa early to get a seat in the Main Hall.  Oftentimes, Medium Joao will address the crowd before the days’ work and do physical interventions on stage so it is well worth going early to … [Read more...]

John of God 2015 Day 1: “The Journey Begins”

In 2014, I became a certified Casa Guide for the John of God experience. John of God is one of the world's most renowned Spiritual Healers and Psychic Mediums of all-time. He is known for his ability to serve as a deep trance channel for over 30 light beings/entities. He has performed hundreds of thousands of miraculous healings while in this deep, trance channel state and has no recollection of … [Read more...]