John of God Day 10: Crystal Bed Glory

Day 10, Thursday.  The morning was quiet as most everyone in our group had undergone the Spiritual Intervention the day before.  Once you have a Spiritual Intervention you are required to rest for 24 hours in your room.  You can go and get meals but you are not suppose to interact with anyone and definitely no talking. For some people this is quite hard, but for me it is quite heavenly. We … [Read more...]

John of God Day 6: “Singing to Cleanse the Soul”

This morning we all gathered for song to cleanse the soul and prayers to heal the heart for the Sunday Church Service held in the main hall led by Diego. It was very uplifting and transformational for all as song unites the soul and brings you back to oneness.  So beautiful. We continue our lovely journey as Julie shares her personal thoughts from her April 2015 journal where she guides a … [Read more...]

John of God Day 5: Rest & Relaxation

Saturday morning we spent at the Casa lounging on the Meditation Deck, enjoying the Crystal Beds and sitting in the Main Hall.  The intense healing energy is quite strong regardless of the day you go.  Medium Joao is in session Wednesday - Friday but the healing continues to flow with or without his presence.  The Casa is built upon a huge crystal vortex and that in and of itself is quite … [Read more...]

John of God Day 4: Presenting Photos Before John of God

This morning a few from my group gathered to sit in the blessed current room together.  I was thrilled to be motioned into the second room for the more advanced mediums, it is quite an honor.  Heather Cumming was quite lovely taking us through a beautiful blessing and healing meditation channeled by the Casa Entities.  I brought all the names of the people on my healing list and all the photos of … [Read more...]

John of God Day 3: “Surprise!!”

Today (April 9th, 2015) we emerged from our 24 hour rest period of Spiritual Intervention. During Spiritual Intervention you are asked to isolate yourself for 24 hrs.  Some people find this hard to do, others (like myself) find it quite easy and enjoyable.  You are to lie down and close your eyes for 24 hours.  You may get up to eat three times a day or use the bathroom, but nothing else.  I make … [Read more...]

Psychic Insights “Spiritual Growth”

Welcome to Julie Geigle TV This is Psychic Insights Connect with Your Soul & Soar! FREE Psychic Reading! Every time you add a comment below to one of our blog posts you are automatically entered into our drawing for a free psychic reading. Drawings are held once a month. Our next drawing will be May 20th. Our winner for April was Sofia. Be sure to watch Sofia's reading … [Read more...]

Mindful Mondays “Playfulness”

Welcome to Julie Geigle TV with Mindful Mondays! Join me every Monday as I help you HARNESS the power of your SOUL and find PEACE. FREE Psychic Reading! Don’t forget to sign up for our drawing for a free psychic reading.  You are automatically enrolled once you leave a comment below.   Drawing is held once a month.  Every time you comment on ANY post your name will be included in the … [Read more...]

What Path Should I Choose?

Welcome to Channeling: Archangel Metatron Speaks Greetings.  I am Metatron.  I am excited to share with you messages from beyond, to help you find balance, order and peace here on this earth. Speaker:  Metatron, I’m in a situation where I have many paths in front of me and I’m very confused on which way to go.  I was wondering if you could help enlighten me on this. Metatron:  Indeed, … [Read more...]

How do I Raise My Vibrational Frequency?

Welcome to Channeling: Messages from Spirit Our topic today is Raising Your Vibrational Frequency We are delighted to be here with you.  Working within the scope of your energies and your frequencies, helping you to bring more light and more love into the world. As we have shared, it is important for you to become aware of opportunities to be more mindful.  There are many of you who … [Read more...]