Archangel Metatron Energy Report “Standing in Your Power”

This week’s energy report for Oct 18th-24th, 2016 from Archangel Metatron comes standing bold and strong ready to assert his powerful grace and influence over the world. ASSERTIVENESS is our theme for the week. “I am here to serve.” is the mantra to connect you with your Soul. Welcome, I am Metatron here in service to humanity. Your energy is best spent this week standing up for yourself and … [Read more...]

Metatron Energy Report “To Thine Self Be True”

Welcome, I am Metatron here in service to humanity. This week’s Energy Report for Sept 27th-Oct 3rd from Archangel Metatron comes bubbling with wisdom as retrograde goes direct and the shadow week ends this Thursday. SELF CARE is our theme. “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” is the mantra to clear any blocks to loving your self. This week your energy is best spent turning … [Read more...]

Metatron Energy Report – “Spiritual Super Hero”

Welcome, I am Metatron here in service to humanity. This week’s Energy Report for Sept 20th-26th from Archangel Metatron comes super-infused with all things spiritual as we move into our final week of Mercury Retrograde. SPIRITUALITY is the theme for this week. “I am a spiritual super hero with super powers to heal this planet." is the mantra to help evoke change in the world (yes it can be … [Read more...]

John of God Day 10: Crystal Bed Glory

Day 10, Thursday.  The morning was quiet as most everyone in our group had undergone the Spiritual Intervention the day before.  Once you have a Spiritual Intervention you are required to rest for 24 hours in your room.  You can go and get meals but you are not suppose to interact with anyone and definitely no talking. For some people this is quite hard, but for me it is quite heavenly. We … [Read more...]

John of God Day 9: Spiritual Intervention #2

We continue our lovely journey as Julie shares her personal thoughts from her April 2015 journal where she guides a group on a 12 day journey to see John of God the world-renowned Psychic Medium, spiritual healer and deep trance channel for healing.  Casa days are considered "high intensity" days because this is what you have truly come here for, to be bathed in the vibrational frequency of the … [Read more...]

“Divine Connections: Recognizing Your Soul Tribe”

Channeled messages from Archangel Metatron by Julie Geigle. Transcribed from our radio show Angel Talk Tuesday 9/22/15. "Divine Connections: Recognizing Your Soul Tribe” As you come here into this planet your memory is erased, and as you grow and expand you slowly begin to remember who you are and why you came here.  But not only that, you begin to recognize certain individual people that … [Read more...]

Angel Talk Tuesday, March 24th, 7pm CST

Join the Psychic Angel Channelers for Angel wisdom designed to teach us how to stay positive amidst a world full of chaos and turmoil knowing that you can shine your LIGHT even in the darkest of times. Register for a free Psychic Reading at >> What would it mean to be able to talk to Angels? How would that change your life? On the fourth Tuesday of … [Read more...]