Free Gift 121212 Ascension with Archangel Metatron

It was an honor and a privilege to channel Archangel Metatron on such an auspicious day.

Some VERY exciting information came through like how we will be able to move into formlessness at will to heal our own bodies and increasing telepathic abilities to communicate with human beings as well as spiritual beings.

Metatron also shared that our bodies will reach a “prime” and then stop aging and death will be no more.  When we have fulfilled our mission here or are ready to move on we will simply ascend into another dimension or realm or dissolve back into the oneness from whence we came.

Metatron 12-12-12 Transcript  “Ascension”  Be sure to use your back button to return here.
Metatron 12-12-12 Recording “Ascension”  Click here to download…

  1. You’ve been speaking about healing through formlessness.  Is it off in the future or is this something we can play with now
  2. What spiritual gifts are coming  to us now with this new energy?

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