#141 “Live on Purpose”

Healing Energy Forecast. This week your energy is best spent taking a deep breath and planning your next move.


You’ve been running wily nily here and there and now is the time to slow down and get organized. You can either live your life by default or you can live your life on purpose.


When you live on purpose your day is more structured and significant. When you live by default things may or may not happen for you. It is entirely your choosing. At the end of your day are you feeling like not much has gotten accomplished? Are you worn out and exhausted?


It’s time to get out your planner and start scheduling your day because if it’s not on the schedule it doesn’t get done. Don’t let your life just happen, watching the days slip away like an innocent bystander. Take the wheel and start driving. You’ll find more magic happens when you are the driver than merely a passive passenger.



I am living a purposeful and passionate life brings me great joy.


Welcome, I am Metatron here in service to humanity.  We welcome in the Pleiadians this beautiful morning as they share wonderful blessings of love and peace.


Open your heart and receive the blessings that are here for you this day, clearing and releasing that which no longer serves you.


Allowing the discord of the 3rd dimension to fall away.



Allowing any chords that are unhealthy connecting you to others in your life to be transmuted, healed, & blessed. Imagine all chords connecting you to all of humanity receiving a beautiful cleansing today.


Clearing out that suffering and allowing all to move into the 5th dimension and beyond.


Imagine that portal opening to the 5th dimension, it is a reality within your mind and you are able to access it instantly through your thoughts, through your breath.


So travel with us here as we open that gateway.


Feel your energy rise, your vibration going higher and higher. Some of you may be feeling lighter and lighter as if you are floating.


Imagine moving through that gateway into the dimension of your Higher Self, into the dimension of your Spiritual Being.


The purity of who you are, the perfection of you exists here.


Feel the grace pour through every cell of your body, dissolving attachments and stepping into love, compassion, forgiveness.


Even as you exist and function within the 5th dimension forgiveness is not needed, for it implies that someone or something or you did something wrong.


In this perception of the 5th dimension there is only perfection and a deeper understanding of Divine order.


A deeper understanding of the lessons, the themes, the experiences you have called forth into your life.

As we have said many times before, you are not a victim. No one is causing you harm.


All of the people in your life are simply perceptions of yourself because you are all one and the same.


There is no drama in this reality; there is only love, compassion and a deep understanding and knowing as humanity evolves into more… so much more.


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We have come here to talk to you this day about where your energy is best spent in this week. We hope to provide you with clarity in your life.


We invite you this week to FOCUS on living with purpose, creating strategy, creating specifically what you desire.


Take stock at the way you are living now.


At the end of the day are you pleased with what you’ve accomplished? Is there gratitude at how your day unfolded, the way you reacted to others, the action that you took?


Or do you find yourself coming to the close of your day chastising yourself for not managing your time better?


Are you always feeling like you’ve been cheated somehow?


That time has simply slipped through your fingers and all the many tasks that you wanted to accomplish fell by the wayside.


It is important for you to understand the value of your day.


People spend years living on default, going through the motions and letting life happen to them and then being angry or frustrated that there wasn’t more or that they are not experiencing love and joy that they thought would come from just living.

Trust me when I say
living your life on default can leave you feeling empty, depressed, disconnected and overwhelmed.


It is in your highest good to take stock of your life, to purposefully plan what you desire to create.


As you become more specific in how you want your day to unfold, the feelings you want to experience as the clock ticks by, you will begin to gain a renewed passion for love, for being.


You will gain a new excitement and enthusiasm because when you stop being a bystander and become an active participant you move into alignment with your Divine life mission you harness the power of the universe.


The Universe holds limitless, unending possibilities for love, joy and excitement.


Imagine with us for a moment what it would look like for you to live your life on purpose.


  • Maybe that means waking up an hour earlier.
  • Starting your day in quiet contemplation or prayer.
  • Scheduling specific things at certain times that you would like to achieve or accomplish.
  • Imagine doing what you have decided.
  • Putting a check next to these activities.


Feel the power rise up within you as you take control of your day instead of allowing your life to be ruled by the wind and the weather, unpredictable never knowing what to expect, plans changing constantly because of the unknown.


You can have a beautiful life no matter what the weather forecast as you step into your power and create magic and miracles in your life.


You have everything you need to create a glorious life here as a human.


Feel the power, the grace, the strength that doing that brings.


Remember, you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.


✝ I am Metatron and I have spoken here this day. ✝


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