#143 “Illusions”

Healing Energy Forecast for Aug 13th-19th. This week your energy is best spent breaking through the illusions of the ego that are keeping you stuck and creating less in your life.


You are like the elephant with the chain around your neck, not moving because you’ve been trapped for so long. The truth is the chain may still be around your neck but it is no longer anchored down, so you are free to go at any time.


This is the truth of the new energy on your planet. As you continue to awaken to 5D you will see more possibilities until finally that feeling of trapped will be completely eradicated from all lifetimes in all dimensions of time and space. Letting go of 3D also means letting go of the idea that anything “material” can make you happy.


Investing your happiness in material gain will only leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled. Happiness is measured in moments spending time with people you love and engaged in activities that make your soul sing. Again, it is another illusion that a different house, a new job or a raise will finally bring you the freedom you desire.


You can experience bliss despite your circumstances or situation. Once you engage in that vibration it will change everything in your life.



I live in the world of wonder and magic and open to Divine possibilities for my life.

Welcome, I am Metatron here in service to humanity. We welcome in the Pleiadians as they shine their love, their joy bestowing us with many blessings in this beautiful sacred space.

If you are able to relax, shut off your phones and focus on the beautiful energy that we are creating here for you this day.

As you tune in, and listen a portal opens.

Whether you are here with us live or listening at a later time, the energy is still here for energy is timeless and boundless.

Each time you come here you receive a beautiful tune-up, activation and awakening. As the 5D dimension opens further as more and more of you harness the power of this reality, the reality of that beautiful 5th dimension that we are transporting you to now.

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Become aware of how you are feeling as you shift between these 2 realities. One is very light, expansive, and infinite with feelings of bliss, joy and peace.

As if the world has simply melted away and you are one with eternity.

Bask in the sunshine of eternity and be infused with the energy that it offers you. And notice your thoughts as they might be pulling you back into that 3rd dimensional reality.

Thoughts of worry or fear or discontent or restlessness. Feel your way into that emotion. Don’t run or hide from that. As you allow it to be and express itself it moves on and dissolves.

Then you are able to slip back into the present, into this beautiful reality the 5th dimension has to offer.

It literally is as simple as that. You all have the capacity to do this.

There is not anything special you need. It is who you are at your core. It is like your mother calling you home, running as she scoops you up in her arms feeling the love and the joy that she has for you.

And so we wish to talk to you today about where your energy is best spent this week as your mercury goes direct at the end of your week there is still much work that needs to be done.

The energy is not moving forward quite yet, it is still in that backward motion. It is like trying to walk and you keep falling down. Harness that power of moving backward it is a time of introspection.

It is a time of awareness and as we have talked about illusions this week your energy is best spent becoming aware of the illusions your ego has created in your life that are keeping you stuck or holding you back.

This week the energy is like a beautiful tide, a beautiful wave as it moves out to sea, rushing back and forth, back and forth.

Feel that tide wash over you.

As you see glimpses of the truth, as you experience moments of perfection, as you begin to steady yourself in your power every time the tide recedes you become stronger and stronger so each time it moves forward it is less likely to knock you down.

Feel the waves crashing over you, standing strong in your truth, sparkling, glistening, incredibly grateful for the opportunities that are before you and the possibilities that are being created as you let go of those illusions and begin to question the truth.

What you thought was the truth.

You do not settle any longer.

No, this isn’t just the way it is.

You are a creator and you can create again and again and again.

Your life is no longer dictated by karma. Karmic patterns or karmic lessons.

In the 5th dimension, you all show up on the same page.

No one is better or more evolved or advanced. You are all equal. You all have the same capabilities, the same gifts, knowledge, and wisdom.

Tune into your spiritual team. Allow them to assist you.

There is much glory and grace as you learn how to function primarily in this new earth energy.


Much change is coming to this planet. You are a lightworker, a wayshower.

You go first, fearless and fierce as others watch you and see your joy and your love they follow.

And so it is with a beautiful rippling, beautiful expansion, beautiful opening.

Remember, you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.


✝ I am Metatron and I have spoken here this day. ✝


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