#144 “Rainbows & Unicorns”

Energy Forecast for Aug 20th-26th. This week your energy is best spent reveling in pleasure and play as Mercury Retrograde goes direct and the energy becomes lighter.


We are still in the shadow week of retrograde so we aren’t completely out of the woods yet, but there is a beautiful breeze blowing through that makes things brighter and not so intense.


The stuckness of last week has loosened its hold and those icebergs are breaking up and beginning to move. Change is definitely in the air so instead of holding on tightly practice flowing with ease and gently releasing things that are moving out of your life.


Along with change may come plans of travel or opportunities to relocate. This is a good time for both as a fresh environment offers a new perspective on life and gets your creative juices flowing again.


You are still integrating and processing all that this retrograde has brought to you so be gentle on yourself and take a time out. Rainbows and unicorns can be the new normal as you step into the 5th dimension and function more fully from the house of love.




I am playful and adventurous, creating balance and harmony in my life.


Welcome, I am Metatron. We are thrilled and delighted to join you here this day in service to humanity.


We welcome in the beautiful energy of the Pleiadians… shimmering, sparkling, offering a glorious healing assisting in releasing and letting go that which is no longer serving your energy field.


Imagine a beautiful sweeping over your aura… cleansing, clearing and releasing. Feel the goodness and grace as you open up to receive the Divine.


Unlimited possibilities for manifesting and creating in your life.


And so we come here this day to speak to you about where your energy is best spent this week. As your Mercury Retrograde went direct on your planet it is easing up the intensity you have been feeling for the past 3 weeks.


It is a beautiful time as retrogrades offer a much-needed cleaning of your space specifically mental and emotional. It is almost like when you are living your life and you have spring cleaning or certain designated periods throughout the year and you go through your things and purge that which you are not using.


Catch the Replay Here!

You may also go through and do what some call “deep cleaning” scrubbing and scouring so everything is fresh and new again.


This is what retrogrades offer you. It is an opportunity for a deep soul reflection. Truly turning within and determining what is working and what is not in your life.


Last week we talked about stuckness and feeling trapped. This week the energy is beginning to flow more easily as you loosen your grip and practice holding, releasing gently.


Letting go of those attachments and holding things with ease and grace instead of digging your claws in, fearful of losing it.


Allow that fear to subside, move into your perfect state of posture, that place of unconditional love found deep within your soul, your spirit.


When you are in that energy field, you are able to grasp things loosely instead of having a choke-hold on everything.


When you releax that attachment and trust that if it is supposed to be in your life it will stay and if it is not it will go without trying to control or trying to force anything to happen.


You open up to so much more than you are capable of, so many endless opportunities for new experiences in your life.


For when you have too much stuff, there is no opening for adventure, for new friends, for other ventures. Create that space by letting go, trusting.


The energy that is moving through this week is much lighter, much less intense. This week is a time of play.


You are absorbing and transitioning all the emotions and all of the learnings that retrograde has brought to you.


You have engaged in much hard work. Now is the time to take a deep breath and relax. Take a time-out from all the emotional and physical work that you’ve been engaging in.


We commend you for we understand it is not easy for you, but it is a necessary component for your expansion. So be sure to incorporate adventure and play, rainbows and unicorns into your week as this will assist you in the absorption of your learnings and lessons from the past 3 weeks.


All work and no play does not create balance and harmony in your life. It is important to have equal parts of both in your life.


So take a deep breath with us now and open to receive these blessings and healings that are coming in for you at this time.


As you relax and ease into this lighter and softer energy that is here this week new opportunities and experiences are moving in… whether it’s relocating or moving to a new home or planning a trip.


All of these things help you to expand, help you to grow, but most importantly help you to shift your perspective enabling you to look at things with new eyes from a different vantage point.

Do not say no to travel or fun especially this week.

The universe is supporting you in taking a timeout and playing.


Remember, you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.


✝ I am Metatron and I have spoken here this day. ✝


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