#146 “3 Tips to Stop Worrying”

This week your energy is best spent keeping a watchful eye over your thoughts lest they get the best of you and create an undesirable reality.

Your thoughts really do become things. Allowing your mind to peruse all of the worst case scenarios of your situation is helpful to no one.


You have more power over your reality than you realize and with the new earth energy you are able to manifest at lightning speed. Take the time to ask yourself throughout your day…


Are my thoughts bringing me closer to my goals or further away from them?


And if the answer is the latter then take a minute to clean house, refocus and envision what you do want.


Worry does not end tomorrow of its sorrow but today of its strength.


Are you taking things personally?


Keep your perspective and do not blow things out of proportion. Stay in your power and do not let worry and fear be the ruler of your world.


My powers of concentration grow stronger every day as I focus on what I want creating a new reality with my thoughts.




Where is your energy best spent this week?


This week your energy is best spent keeping a watchful eye over your thoughts. So oftentimes we let our thoughts run rampant and we bounce from one thing to the next. Oh my gosh, what about this or oh, oh no! What about that?


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We end up spending the day creating these worst-case scenarios of different situations that are happening in our lives and worrying and wondering and fearful that the worst might come to be.

Tip #1 to stop worry: Keep watch over your thoughts.


Are you a worrier? Where are you on that scale of 1-10. 1 being not so bad and 10 being awful!


Watch your thoughts. What’s running through your mind? If you’re not happy with something in your life it’s what you’re thinking … thoughts really do become things and you have more power than you realize .


You can create a new reality at any given moment.


Do you get stuck in the story?  I know I do! I get stuck in the story. Our minds get caught in this web of dissecting everything you said, and everything they said, all those emotions that are coming and going and we get stuck in that story.


That doesn’t help anybody. Replaying that over and over again and then the guilt or the blame I should have said this, or I shouldn’t have said that.


That’s not where your power lies that’s actually giving your power away. That’s rendering you powerless when you allow yourself to stay in that state. Take the time that you need to process whatever it is that just happened… journaling is great, meditation is awesome. I love Esther & Jerry Hicks “Getting Into the Vortex.”


Whatever you need to do but get out of that rabbit hole.


My favorite mantra is OUT OF THIS EXPERIENCE ONLY GOOD WILL COME.  And it stops, it stops that incessant chatter and really reframes the experience.


Tip #2: Use the mantra “Out of this experience only good will come.”


Don’t focus on what you’ve got that you don’t like. Focus on what it is that you want. Maybe you want more respect in that relationship or maybe you want a deeper connection with that person, maybe you want more fun and play. So focus on that.


Envision those experiences happening for you.


And if what you are doing is not working, don’t keep doing it! NOOooo! Stop it! Stop, Stop, Stop! And do something different!!!


Tip #3: If what you are doing is not working, do something different.


Different. Different is good. Different is amazing. So think about creative solutions, creative different, what could you do that’s different than what you’ve already been doing?


I am a believer of quantum dimensions.


For every thought, every experience you’ve ever had and all of the myriad of decisions that you could make there is a dimension that is fulfilling that decision, that experience. And so we’ve got all of these different realities that are happening around us simultaneously and what happens when we go into worst-case scenarios the reason why it feels so real is that it is real! It’s actually happening in another dimension, and you are tapping into the energy and the information from that dimension and you are bringing it into this dimension.


But the beautiful thing about this is that there are also all of the best-case scenarios that you could imagine in that situation they are also happening in all of these parallel dimensions. So you can tap into the power of that experience and bring that into your experience here or you can tap into the power over there.


So your choice. What do you want to do?


And the gateway, the bridge to this energy is your thoughts!


Wow! Wow!!


Yeah, it’s your thoughts so watch your thoughts and envision.


Tip #4: Focus on what you want, not what you have that’s not working.


Envision what it is that you desire to bring into your life. Don’t get wrapped into what you have that you hate. A quote that I found that I thought was really good:


Worry does not end tomorrow of its sorrows, it ends today of its strength.


So what do you do to get your mind out of worry and fear?

What do you do to stop that obsessive thinking pattern that you go into?

We would love to hear any tips or tricks that you have for us here in the comment section below.

Tip #5: Keep your perspective.


That’s what happens when we get into worry mode, we start to blow everything out of perspective and then we use generalizations its ALWAYS like that or you ALWAYS do this or you NEVER go there. We use those generalizations that can perpetuate this blowing up of our reality if you will.


Don’t allow your ego to blow up your reality.


When you blow things out of proportion it is expanding that reality for you. Shrink it back down to what it is and then shrink it down again, minimize it again because…


When it is no longer matter, it no longer matters.


When you blow it up, not only physically is it matter in that energy but emotionally you’re caught into how much that matters.


When you bring it down into reality it loses that charge.


Then you can even minimize it again to render it even more powerless.


Tip #6: Stand in your power and don’t let worry rule your world.


Take a deep breath, let go of the drama in the situation and remember that you are a spiritual being having an human experience. Everything is happening for your evolution and soul’s growth.


On the larger scale, 97% of everything you worry about doesn’t even happen. Again, you are simply remembering or tapping into other dimensions and universes where you are having or have had that experience. Stay grounded in who you are and be present in your life. That’s where true happiness lies.


Remember, you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.


✝ I am Metatron and I have spoken here this day. ✝


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