“Indecision is a Decision, People Pleaser, Go with Your Heart” Ep 156



This week your energy is best spent

  • stepping out of indecision
  • stop trying to please everyone else and do what’s best for you no apologies,
  • feeling torn between your heart and your head


1. Step Out of Indecision


Oh my, I just don’t know what to do!


Have you ever felt that way?


The simple truth is not “doing” anything is actually doing something. You’ve made a choice to leave things the way they are.


Stop making excuses for not deciding and hiding underneath I don’t know. Grow a backbone and make a choice because as the quote says: The worst decision is indecision. 


And 50 years from now you will have more regrets for not doing anything than you will for having tried something and failed.



2. Stop Trying to Please Everyone


Are you a people pleaser?


Worried about hurting someone else’s feelings or wondering what they will think of you if you do what you want?




This week your energy is best spent putting blinders on and doing what’s in your highest good.



Another truth is that when you make yourself a priority in your life everything else tends to fall in place.


When you run around trying to fix everyone else you end up overwhelmed and exhausted. Not only does it tend to backfire on you but you could be interfering with their life path. Maybe there is a lesson they need to learn from losing that job or going bankrupt that they will never figure out if you keep swooping in to save them every time. 


It’s much like that alcoholic that has to hit rock bottom. Don’t hide your co-dependency behind people pleasing.


Get the help you need if this is a problem for you but…


You do you and let them do them. I promise everyone will be happier in the end, including you!


3. Feeling Torn Between Your Heart & Your Head


Do you make decisions based on your heart or your head?


Remember that old saying: Your heart will never steer you wrong?


There’s a reason that’s been around forever, because it’s TRUTH! How many times have you heard people say I followed the rational road and now I’m miserable, I wish I would have stared fear in the face and did it anyway!


Let me dumb it down for you… your heart is where your intuition lies, guidance form your higher self, based on love.


Your ego resides mainly in your head and is typically based on fear and worry. Your ego tends to hold you down to protect you. Not wanting you to take risks or get hurt. We came to this planet for experiences, good, bad and indifferent. 


We were not meant to always have things work out and an easy peezy life. That would be boring.


Let go of the “what if’s” and focus on opportunities to grow and evolve. It’s okay if it doesn’t work out. You’ll just begin again, just like you have a million times before.


When trying to make a decision always ask yourself:


Which way brings me closer to my goals, which way leads me further from them?


And don’t forget, indecision is a decision! 


Remember, you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.


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