Telepathic Communication with Loved Ones Who Have Passed

me & phyllisAs many of you know my mother-in-law Phyllis passed recently.

My father passed 17 years ago and it was that experience that opened up my gifts as a psychic medium, so Phyllis is the first close person that has passed since I have embraced and begun working with these gifts.

I have to say it was quite different than when my father died.  Both were sick with a disease, my father had lung Cancer and my mother-in-law had Supra Nuclear Palsy.  My father was lucky, he only survived 6 months or so after his diagnosis, whereas Phyllis survived 6 years.  One thing about Phyllis’ disease is that she was unable to speak, for the most part, for the last year.

I found this served as a great opportunity for us to practice our mental telepathy skills.  I would tell my children, “speak to her in your mind, she can hear and understand you” it was great practice for communicating with her now that she is physically gone.

I believe that when we die our physical body passes on, but our spirit is eternal and that we can still communicate with those who have passed through the process of mental telepathy.

There were several things that occurred shortly before she died and afterward that I found fascinating.

1)  About a month or 2 before she passed I began sensing and feeling her mother who had passed several years before around her.  It wasn’t until a few weeks before she passed that I could feel her deceased husband, probably because her husband had suffered dreadfully from alcoholism so I had the sense that he wasn’t as available to us as her mother was.  It wasn’t until a few days before she passed that I could feel the presence of God.   A few days before she passed we were sitting with her I could feel God all around her and I heard,

“I’ve come to take her home.”

2)  The next night when we visited she had stopped eating and drinking altogether and for the first time had “refused” water from us.  As I sat by her side and cried I heard her say,

“My spirit is no longer in my body.  It is time for my body to shut down so I may go.”  A few days later she passed.

3)  When we finally got the news early in the morning I could clearly feel her presence comforting me and all those we were calling.

She came through the loudest when we went shopping for her funeral attire.  It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do with my husband.  As we were grabbing stuff and feeling the despair of the situation I called out to her for help and I could hear her say, No not that, or that would be okay, or don’t you dare put me in that one, and then finally,

THAT’S IT!  That’s the outfit!”

It was a most surreal experience that I will NEVER forget.  And I must say she looked amazingly beautiful at the wake and everyone agreed.

4)  The last one I will share is when we went to pick out her coffin.  Phyllis was a planner, bless her soul, and I was not looking forward to this particular task.  It had been the hardest part during my Father’s passing.  So as soon as we walked in the room to look at the caskets,

I could feel her standing there saying, “This one!”

My husband kept saying, How about this one or that one?  And not once or twice but multiple times I could see her standing by the casket saying to me “This one!”  And I must say Father Klink actually commented on how it was the most beautiful casket he’s ever seen.

I could feel her just glowing up in heaven.

I miss my mother-in-law dearly and am very grateful she is at peace now in Heaven.

I am most grateful for the opportunity to stay tuned in and connected with her through my intuitive abilities.

We all have intuitive abilities.  We are all psychic and can communicate with the spiritual realm.  We do it all the time but we’re usually unaware of this phenomenon.

If you’d like to develop your own intuitive skills and abilities be sure to check out the programs I offer:  Psychic Coaching and Transformations Spiritual Development.  It is a very exciting time we live in now and the spiritual realm is constantly guiding us into our highest good.

Have you ever communicated with a loved one who has passed or felt their presence around you?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in our comments section.


  1. Julie, what a beautiful story! And what great advice, to practice mental telepathy now so that we can continue communicating with our loved ones after they are gone. Both my son and I have intuitive ability, and in fact, my son regularly liked to invite the dearly departed into our home for a visit. We have had to talk about not operating a spirit hotel because not everyone who checks in will be someone we’d want around. He has a very close relationship with my mother, but she is passive-aggressive, so is sometimes annoying. What are your thoughts on developing telepathic communication in a situation like this one?

    • Sometimes it is much easier to communicate with someone telepathically than it is in person. I always recommend both types of communication especially if there is an issue. For example, sit down and create a quiet space by closing your eyes and breathing deeply, maybe light a candle or use some essential oils. Then imagine the person’s “higher self” or “spiritual self” standing before you and have a full out conversation. Tell the person’s spiritual self how you feel and what you need from them. Ask that they intervene with the person’s ego on your behalf. I have found if there are issues in the relationship it’s best to communicate with the higher self. If there are no issues feel free to communicate directly with the person’s human self telepathically. Usually this type of communication enhances the relationship and smooths over any issues. Best Wishes!

  2. Bless your family Julie and deepest sympathies to all. Loved your post. There is so much that we forget or don’t even realize we can access if we become quiet enough and trust in the information we are receiving and the connection and presence we feel. Thank you. xo

  3. This was beautiful and hits close to home for me. I have a friend who recently passed and I have heard from him. 😀 Rascal that he was!

  4. My condolences for your loss, Julie and my sympathy to you and your family. How fortunate you are, though, to have that communication.

    My mother lived with us the last seven years of her life. She had her own cottage on our property but I was her chauffer, her cook, her daughter. She was nearly 96 when she died, still in the cottage, with my sisters and I present and loving her through her passing.

    We buried her ashes and those of my father under some moss covered rocks in the oak grove in front of the cottage. It was where she wanted to be. We hung some wind chimes in the nearest oak. In those first few months she loved to ring those chimes, even on days when nothing else was stirring, especially when I brought friends down there to visit. It’s been nearly two years and the chimes mostly ring now only when there’s a strong breeze but she’s still very much a presence in my life.

  5. Hi Julie,

    What a lovely story! I have had several moments like this with my own goddaughter who died when she was 19. She shows up in all kinds of ways and never ceases to amaze me. I’m so thankful that I have the heightened ability to tune in and hear and, like you, TRUST that what comes through is truly communication from our loved ones.

    Thank you for sharing and for reinforcing the idea that we ALL can have these moments – it’s just a matter of tuning in the channel and *trusting*.

  6. What a beautiful post about your lovely mother in law, Julie. Your experiences sound mind blowing, and I adore how you encouraged your kids to telepathically communicate with her–my mom used to do that with her grandmother long distance. It makes me happy to know how loved she was and how you helped her with her final wishes…she is lucky to have had you in her life. Blqsts of love and light and big hugs. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hi Julie,

    What a great story. How great that you were able to receive her communications. I am sure that she really appreciated you for that!

  8. When my husband’s mother died unexpectedly, I stayed overnight helping his baby brother cope. In the morning I wanted to sleep but this voice kept telling me to get up. I went to the kitchen and my husband’s father was trying to make coffee and toast. He wasn’t able to do either. I helped him. I knew it was his wife getting me up to help her husband. Thanks for the post.

  9. What a lovely experience Julie. I’m sure Phyllis felt blessed by your loving attention and your powerful communication skills, and she in turn blessed you by making what can be such a difficult process much easier. Much love to you all.

  10. Julie – What a lovely and comforting post. I so believe all that you are writing about and have felt myself communicating with angels often. I can feel their presence. Some who I know that have passed on, and others that I just feel. Thank you for your wisdom and insight.
    xo, kathy

  11. Such a wonderful post celebrating your connection with your mother-in-law. While losing a loved one is always difficult and I am sorry for your loss, enjoying her in the afterlife through that connection is a true gift.

  12. I wish I could communicate also through mental telepathy. I have loved ones that passed away and I miss them terribly.

  13. First of all thank you for this post. Recently, I lost my closest friend, lover and most of all promised to be husband. I felt married to him spiritually and he brought me back on the right path to God. I had two days where I dreamed about him and one I spoke to him on the phone and the other we were together watching over a child. I have dealt and coped with death in my life before but this is the hardest because there was no physical sign or feeling that he was gone or going to leave. The suddenness of it was so shocking that still as I was trying to revive him I still did not feel like he was leaving me. I have been praying and praying and finding comfort and receiving grace at times but at others the obvious pain and struggle happens. We spoke about death and telepathy a little but I have been learning telepathy since we have been together but have not practiced as much as I could have. I long to be with God in Heaven and with my match again. I feel like we were given to each other and that will never be denied. We went to the same High school. Met in ’97 and Reunited in’08 or ’09 through email. We were a couple for a short 4 years and I feel like we were just starting to make goals together and just starting a life together. I feel like we didn’t even have a chance to grow like so many generations in our families before us were together 50+ years. I feel like a thief stole our happiness, death came like a thief to shorten our what could have been glorifying life together on Earth. Now we are separate again he in the Spirit and I remain this spiritual being. I seek comfort through telepathy.

    • Laura, thank you so much for sharing your story. Death can be quite difficult for us here in the 3rd dimension, but spirit wants you to know that everything is in divine and perfect order and death is something to be celebrated. Our loved ones who have crossed over are at peace and are always with us helping us move forward and continue this arduous journey alone. Although that idea that this is a struggle is really just our perception of reality from our egoic mind. YOU HAVE A CHOICE. To stay imprisoned in the pain or to step OUT and free yourself by surrendering to “what is.” Byron Katie is one of my favorite authors and her book “LOVING WHAT IS” changed my life. She speaks on this topic as well. Be sure to google her on youtube for “death” to hear it in her words. Love to you my dearest one and may you find the peace and love you so deserve. ♥

  14. Andrea Hartofilis says:

    Hello, I lost my 10 yr. old Labmix named Coco from bone cancer this past Dec. 7th. She was my lovely canine soulmate for all of those years. Her loss has been very difficult for me. I joined a petloss forum and write letters to her often. I also talk to her throughout the day. I have cried everyday for over 3 month’s missing her. I really believe she communicates with me through the wind chimes on a regular basis. She has been there for me in other ways as well. Recently I adopted a 9 month old shelter dog. He is a Labrador as well. The wind chimes are going strong every where I go. I think that she approves of what I did. I believe she would want me to open my heart and love another animal in need. She truly has become the canine gatekeeper of my heart!

    • Such a beautiful story Andrea, I am touched! When our yorkie poo (Coal) passed suddenly I couldn’t believe how devastated we all were. I prayed and asked him (Coal) to bring us another beautiful puppy we could cherish as much as we did him and I believe he was the reason we were guided to 2 yorkiepoos who are brother/sister (CJ/Ginger). We would have never recovered without the newfound love and hope these 2 dogs have brought us. Animals truly our the gatekeepers of our heart. ♥

  15. I don’t know how recent this post is… it is probably old. But I’m going to comment anyway! I am currently researching auditory hallucinations after death because I experienced my brother speaking to me telepathically six days after he died (October 26, 2015). What is weird is that I have been researching/reading about all ends of the spectrum of religion for about two years up until his death. I honestly thought that I was going to die, because I could not really pinpoint where this obsession came from. Over that time, I developed a really good sense of where I stood spiritually… and the clincher was this telepathic exchange that occurred after my brother’s death. While it is still possible that I will die soon (I hope not), I truly believe there was a force there preparing me for my brother’s death. It’s sad to me to see so many articles stating that this was just a hallucination, yet there are no theories or scientific studies on why or how they happen (just “we think the brain blah blah blah”). So just because they have labeled it with a name isn’t going to make me feel that what happened to me wasn’t real. I find comfort in reading others experiences.

    So the story…

    Every night after my brother died, I would pray every night that he would let me know he was okay. Specifically, I wanted to know how the transition from life to death was. This is important, because the telepathic communication was actually an answer to that question! The sixth morning after he passed, I woke up from an irrelevant dream. Still sleepy, I closed my eyes. Immediately after closing my eyes and laying back down (STILL AWAKE!), all my own thoughts cleared out and my brother’s voice came through and said, “Hey Ami. It was awesome!” I immeditely noted the time, date, and words on my phone which was next to my bed. I cannot will this to happen; I’ve tried! It was something totally out of my control. That has been the most mind-blowing experience, but we have had lots of things occur where timing seemed just impossible by any other means. I really do feel that he is around us a lot of the time right now.

    • Ami, such a moving story! Thanks so much for sharing it. We are in a NEW ENERGY here in 2016 and telepathic communication with our loved ones who are alive and passed is going to be more the NORM than the oddity. So hallucination? Definitely NOT!! Real? Absolutely!! I hope you continue to talk to your brother because he is absolutely with you and wanting more communication. It may not always feel so “real” as the first experience but the more you talk to him and affirm that it is him communicating with you the stronger it will become. Blessed be dear one. ♥

  16. shanmadhi says:

    my mom passed away few days back (june 20th,2016,monday) by cancer. I was felt that my mom is going to die before her death. She spoke beautifully to me daily for atleast an hour but she never spoke out her personal which she wanted to tell me. A voice told me that my mom is going to die and the voice told me to take photographs with my mom and also says that my mom wants to share many things to me. We came to know that my mom was affected by cancer by only 9 hrs before her death. She was unconcious from sunday night (june 19th,2016). When i saw her monday morning she was in coma and she came back to concious for just two to three secs and loked at me and smiled with relief and again went to coma, that was the last look of her.
    Now afteer her death, i really wants to know that my mom is okay and wants to know what she wanted to tell me. I really wants to see my mom nd talks to her but no dreams of her yet came. I really miss her presence and i really wants to know that she is comfortable in life after death and also wants to know what happens to her before her death. I wants to tell her that i love her more and more and missing her now to the core. Will you help me Julie.

    • Hello Lovely! Your Mother is most definitely around you. Whenever you feel LOVE, that is her! Feel free to schedule an appointment if you would like a reading. Warm Blessings, Julie

  17. Donna Casserly says:

    Julie I am so glad that thru happenstance although I don’t know if that truly exists I came upon this page. My husband passed away on 8/18/15. During his lifetime my Jimmy was very very very intuitive and cou,d easily connect with spirits of all kinds. I on the other hand could not! I was the semi skeptic when he would tell me how he wou,d feel spirits in all types of places where I suppose it isn’t very surprising…if you could feel spirits like my Jimmy could….hospitals, wakes…….
    Before I lost my husband I had lost many peop,e close to me before…my dad passed away when I was 15, my sister passed away when I was 37 and then in 2012 my mother passed away. Although I always think if them and I pray to them and thru a medium once my. Other and sister came through a bit, no other telepathic communication or anything. All the while my Jimmy was connecting to spirits and guiding loved ones….
    Then last August my Jimmy passed. He was a young man to pass away, only 53 years old, but he had been very sick with Diabetes and fought a courageous battle that he ultimately lost. I was devestated. We were best friends and spent almost every day together for the last 27 years! I thought Jimmy was gone to me….then one day he spoke to me. I was at a light near my job and I was feeling so sorry for myself, so sad about Jimmy being gone, lonely, missing him. And I heard him say as I sat at that light…”Bunny…my death was about me….not about you….” and in that instant I knew what he meant, it had been his time to go. He was sick and he was tired, At that instant I had such a shift in perception, my whole outlook changed. But I didn’t think he would talk to me again….
    Happily I was wrong. Jimmy talks to me all the time and I speak to him. Just as you stated it above….through my thoughts….and he thru my thoughts….I never knew that I would be blessed to have this happen for us. It has changed my life. At first I was scared thought I was crazy. But then i rmemebered how strong my husband’s psychic.abilities were when in his earthly body and I realized his strength helps me! We speak almost everyday and it has deepened and proufoundly changed my life. my mother even came thru to me one night about a particular situation I have been going thru and I asked her “you have never talked to me before mommy! I am so happy but why now?” And she said “Jimmy helped me!” Sorry so long but hadda get it all out! ?

  18. Hi there, I wanted to ask a question about my mother. She’s 81 and in a nursing home presently. She’s been talking about going on a trip to her home country, something she’s never said before, saying she has 1 week left in the home. I was wondering if that means she will be transitioning soon into spirit? We are closely connected spiritually and I wonder if she was trying to tell me..or if she was confused – which she does get at times..

    I’ve had other things, left eye twitching, random emails about funeral costs, emails about books on death?!

    Thanks x

    • Hi Lola,

      Thanks for stopping by. I would say that she is preparing for transition as are the angels preparing you. Feel free to book an appointment if you’d like me to take a closer look into this for you.

      Blessings xoxo

  19. Vicki Kinder says:

    My mom died on 4-12-17 at 5:12am. She fought to prolong her life since 2012, Multiple Myloma. I lived my parents & took care of my mom for a good 2 yrs before she passed. My mom & I shared a deep, special & at times very emotionally charged …relationship was unconditional, but not always easy. I shared my spiritual journey with my mom & she too was led to find her spiritual self. On the morning she passed my sister & I were sleeping in recliners on each side of her bed (at home), I believe my mom woke me up before she passed as she knew I needed to be there at that moment, mom had been comatose for days prior, but I woke up suddenly telling my sister “mom’s gone”, she said no not yet and just seconds later she took her last breathe. Do you think it’s possible she woke me up? Also, the day before she passed I had felt what I believe to be her spirit hovering, like she was on her way out of her earthly body but it took a day or so before she let go of the last bit of the earthly real. During this time I felt the pressure or weight of her spirit surrounding me with her love. Even as I spoke to her during this transition, on the last day(s), I felt her physical body & she didn’t feel alive to the touch. My sister never felt this, only me. Is this a possibility? I miss my mom so deeply & I am disappointed because I haven’t heard from her since she passed over & I talk to her daily asking her to let me know she is pain free & ok. I appreciate any thoughts you may have.

    • Bright blessings to you Vicki! Yes, absolutely all of that is exactly as you had thought! So beautiful to be able to feel all of those wonderful, amazing things helping to ease your mother’s transition I am most certain. Keep talking to her. She hears every word you say. Sometimes it’s difficult for us to figure out this whole telepathic communication thing with our loved ones in Spirit. With me… I imagined what my father would say back to me and eventually I realized it really was him talking to me. I wasn’t making up what I thought he would say. Hang in there. It will come. 💙

  20. Hi can you communicate my late father >?

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