Video “Children & Ghosts” Wake-up Wednesdays with Julie

Julie offers private readings giving psychic advice on romance, business and health. She also talks to loved ones in Spirit helping one to close the gap on grieving and moving on after a loved one departs.

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This week Julie shares the following messages channeled from Archangel Metatron:

1. Clarion call to Lightworker’s to assist the new earth children.

2. Just like you – kids are trying to make sense of their reality.

3. “Children exist within the two dimensions of form and formlessness and they move back and forth quite easily.

4. Adults/parents share your own personal experiences with children to ease their fears.

5. Your perception of your reality has a great influence on a child’s perceptions of their reality.

6. You are being called now. Step into your power and assist the new earth children.

Affirmation: I am in alignment with my greater good. I serve as a role model for the new earth children.


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