Video “Do You Fit In?” Angel Healing with Julie

Julie offers private readings giving psychic advice on romance, business and health. She also talks to loved ones in Spirit helping one to close the gap on grieving and move on after a loved one departs.

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This week Julie shares the following messages channeled from Archangel Metatron:

1. The time is now. You are being called.

2. Attunement to strengthen your connection, open channels and dissolve interference.

3. Memories of past lives triggered and creates emotional discord.

4. Rise up out of your ego. Not fitting in is an illusion created by your ego to keep you small.

5. Opportunity to Heal.

6. Soul holds all memories of all lifetimes.

7. Julie shares 4 steps to heal.

8. You are one with all that is. Together we are one glorious, magnificent force.

Affirmation: I already am that which I desire.


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