3 Tips for Setting Intentions & Improving Your Life

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As a retired teacher I am a FIRM believer in goal setting.  I once came across some research that took two groups of students.  One group they educated about goal setting and every year followed through with setting goals and the other group were left to their own devices.

At the end of 10 years (or so) what they found was amazing!  They found the group that had set goals were more successful personally and professionally then the group that did not.

In our current Age of Enlightenment we no longer set goals but “INTENTIONS.”   Intentions are a powerful thing.  It is simple.  We manifest the reality that we desire simply through our intention to do so.

Here are my “3 tips to Setting Intentions & Improving Your Life”

    When you write “lose weight” year after year and you only succeed in gaining weight that can be counterproductive.  Try instead to be specific: for the next 30 days I intend to do one thing to eat healthier.  For example; in 2014, I began incorporating Flax Seed and Spinach into my diet.  For 2015, my intention is to do half of my grocery shopping in the organic food aisle.
    We actually function in two realities:  the one that we live in day-to-day and the one that we fantasize about.  What many don’t realize is that our fantasy can actually be our reality.

So I advise that you set achievable intentions:  Exercise five times a week instead of two times. But it is also crucial to set dream intentions:  Hire a sexy male trainer to work with me every day to get rid of all my cellulite and upper arm flab.

Actually, you can do a whole chapter for yourself called “DREAMS” where there are NO boundaries and NO limits, “In a perfect world where money was not an object I would … “ It’s important to release your fears and step into the unlimited universe where anything is possible.  That’s the place where magic and miracles are created and if you can’t dream it, you can’t achieve it.

Once you have your intentions down on paper don’t let them just sit around taking up space on your counter.  The next step, and one that’s usually missing is:

What action are you going to do to ensure that you meet your intentions?
What due dates or benchmarks are you going to put into place?
Who is going to help you to be accountable to make sure they get done?

Now don’t just sit there, get going.  It’s NEVER too late to set intentions.  A FULL MOON is a good time, your birthday is perfect, but right NOW is even better.

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Julie Geigle

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