“Balancing Act” The Spiritual Wellness Junkie Ep 149


This week your energy is best spent creating balance in your financial life, donating your time, treasures or talents and managing your resources wisely.


You’ve gotten a bit free with your spending and the universe is asking you to tighten up your purse strings and choose where you spend your money wisely. Frivolous spending only adds fuel to the 2 year old within who is endlessly wanting this that and the other thing.


Put your foot down and create balance in your bank account.


As you do, it will increase your feelings of self-confidence and control.


Have you made a donation lately? The universe is inviting you to take stock of your charity work and if you haven’t donated your time, treasures or talents recently take a look at who might need you where.


As you give you will receive.

And lastly, be aware of your resources – those things that are available to you to assist in your journey.  Oftentimes we make things much more difficult than need be, or we rely too heavily on one resource while completely neglecting another.


Just like everything in your life managing your resources wisely can make for smooth sailing instead of stormy seas.

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I create perfect balance in my life in harmony with my soul.


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This week the Universe is really supporting you on reigning in your spending habits, really sitting down and taking a look at where your money is going and where it is best spent because as we move into the holiday season some tend to let loose. January can be a little bit painful if you are not paying attention now.


Reign in your spending before the holidays hit.


Get that big picture of where you are sitting financially and get your budget set for the holidays so that you don’t overspend, you don’t overindulge because what happens is that ego runs amok. Like that 2 yr old wanting this that and the other thing.


Sometimes when we feel out of control like that it can really interfere with our confidence. It’s just like any addiction. It’s not about material things. We all get that rush when something new comes in the mail and now online shopping is such a big deal that it’s Christmas every day right?!?


This is the time to take a look at material spending and make sure that those are items that are not only wanted but also needed. Where’s that fine line?


Where’s your boundary between frivolous spending and spending purposely?


We talk a lot about being purposeful in our lives and spending is just another spiritual area that can help you stay in alignment with your own truth. One of my favorite epiphanies if you will, is that money is actually inside you. Your wealth is inside you.


You create your wealth from inside.


When you are in control, when you are purposeful with your money then that spills into all areas of your life. It also activates the beautiful wealth consciousness that you have inside of you. There is no lack. There is no limitation.


The universe is inviting us this week to be charitable.


Where are you serving in your life this week?


There are 3 areas of service: time, treasures and talents.


Where are you giving your time to people? How can you show up for people in your life through your time? Through your energy? Maybe it’s praying for that person every single day. Maybe its actually giving that person a call.


Treasures cannot only be money but it can also be gifts. What do you have in your house that maybe you could share with someone? Pay that forward. When you’ve gotten your value out of it and you are no longer using it or enjoying it pass that along. Pay that forward. Give that to somebody else who can appreciate the value and worth.


Take a peek in your closet and get rid of 1 thing that you have not worn in a year.  I know there are some things that I hang onto but think about others who may really benefit from some of your clothing or outerwear you no longer use. What’s in your closet that you can get rid of? Make that your charity work for this week, making some donations to your local charity.


The third area of charity is talent. What are you talented at? What are you good at doing? What can you share with other people? Maybe it’s just reading a book to someone at a nursing home. Maybe it is just going for a walk, inviting someone in your life to go for a walk and hang out. Companionship is important in our digital age.


My mother-in-law was so fabulous she would always bring over a hotdish at least once a month. She would make something and she would bring it! She was so precious or she would bring us groceries. She loved to shop with coupons and she would get a whole bag of groceries for $5 and bring it over. It was a beautiful thing that helped her stay connected to us. I learned a lot from my mother-in-law, Phyllis, about serving and helping others.


Where can you help?


The third way your energy is best spent this week is using your resources wisely.


Sometimes we rely on one thing to the exclusion of everything else. Your team is really wanting you to take a look around and explore all of your options. What are all of the resources that you have available to assist you on this journey?


Do you have tunnel vision? Are you just focusing on one thing?


Open your mind and look around. Where are there people, places, maybe books or youtube videos, conversations or groups that could help you? What can you be involved with to help your path of spiritual awakening? There are things around you that could assist you in your day-to-day life helping you stay present and be the best version of yourself.


Become aware of the help and the resources that surround you daily and use those resources wisely. Open up to all of the gifts of the universe and you will move into alignment with your highest good particularly for this week.

Remember, you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.


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