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Welcome!  Looking for a place to learn about spirituality?  A place to reconnect with your soul & raise your vibration?

Archangel Metatron and Julie Geigle have created just that – a private university to gather those souls together who desire more knowledge and learning in the spiritual arena.

The purpose of Heaven Sent U. is to create an International University on Soul Development which allows people the opportunity to learn, grow and expand with other people on a spiritual journey, within a safe and secure environment.

As a member you will have full access and a number of benefits you can enjoy including our famous ONLINE SPIRITUAL BOOK CLUB listed below.  I look forward to seeing you in the members’ area!  Scroll down for Membership Benefits.

Blessings & Infinite Love,


Membership Benefits

Receive UNLIMITED Access to 4 Libraries of Spiritual Knowledge

Spiritual Book Club Library with access to our Online Spiritual Book Club program.  Access to all prior spiritual book summaries designed to expand and increase your knowledge of spiritual principals.   (valued at $340)

Metatron’s Library with access to over two year’s worth of channeled recordings and transcripts + new recordings and transcripts added weekly. There’s nothing better than messages from beyond to uplift, inspire and awaken you to live soulfully. (valued at $220)

Professional Hypnosis Library with over 20 recordings to help you remove blocks, sleep better and attract love plus MUCH more. Plus new recordings added every month. (valued at $300)

Meditation Library includes a 28 day meditation challenge +over 40 meditation recordings on relaxation, spirituality, living stress free plus new meditations added every month. (valued at $140)

Inner Circle an opportunity to connect with Julie “LIVE” for a free reading or insights on your life.


deborah weber“Julie is a beautiful and gifted channel and her work bringing forward the powerful and loving energies of Metatron is a blessing. Metatron offers high-vibrational guidance and healing that is helpful for personal concerns as well as for global issues, and the gift of Metatronic energy is not soon forgotten.”

~ Deborah Weber, Temenos of the Blessing Light


The part of the membership program that I have really enjoyed is the Online Spiritual Book Club.  I am so busy and there are many books I want to read but just don’t have the time.  Julie’s summaries are thought-provoking and just enough to give me the basic concepts of the book.  It has also given me the opportunity to explore some awesome books that I wouldn’t have on my own.  Having an open mind and a strong desire to learn and explore, I have loved the journey this has taken me on!  Thank you, Julie, for doing what you do.”  ~Michele Bergh, Be Inspired Design



Juie sm 2012 new closeup Julie Geigle is honored to be a direct channel for Archangel Metatron who has come here to help us all ascend and awaken to our Divine mission.

Are you feeling stuck? Confused about your path? Tired of being driven by your ego? Ready to awaken and embark on a spiritual journey?

 You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

It is now time to REMEMBER

who you are.

Become a member of Heaven Sent U and begin living SOULfully today!


$14.95 a month or $49.00 for 6 months!

*membership renewed automatically ~ cancel anytime

katie“I was thrilled to automatically become a member as part of Julie’s coaching program.  I am a sponge when it comes to spiritual teaching…..I am always looking to learn more and even repeated information helps confirm what I have learned and refresh things. However, I am a busy mom and I don’t have much free time to read. The summaries Julie provides are great to help me gain more knowledge by just checking my email. The chapters are easy to follow and they come every few days, so it’s not too much to read at once.” ~ Katie

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