Bullies Aren’t Just on the Playground

cat_is_lion_in_mirrorWe have more power over our lives than we realize and it all begins with our THOUGHTS. Through our thoughts we can either build ourselves up or tear ourselves down. Which are you doing?
Really take the time to pay attention to how you are treating yourself and what thoughts are popping into your head in regards to how you look, how you talk, how you act. Are you constantly putting yourself down and chastising yourself for what comes out of your mouth or how you look in the mirror?


You wouldn’t treat a stranger that way, why would you treat yourself like that? From this moment on make a purposeful decision to be kind and loving to yourself, and if that’s too much of a stretch for you just simply STOP criticizing yourself.

Anytime a negative thought comes into your mind or out of your mouth about yourself say,


Next say each thought lovingly to yourself three times daily and watch magical things begin to happen in your life:

1.       I am my own unique self.

2.      I have unlimited potential.

3.      Events in my life are unfolding in magical and mysterious ways.

I promise that if you make a concerted effort to catch those negative nellies from flying out of your mouth or floating around in your mind it will change your life. You are a powerful manifesting machine and speaking ill about yourself poisons and blocks your best intentions for creating a life you love.

The bully is not on the playground it is in your mind.

Rise up and take back your power and stop being a victim of yourself. As you heal the bully in your mind you also heal 7 generations of bullies behind you and 7 generations of bullies to come. Talk about being the change you wish to see!

Speaking of change…expand your awareness with wonderful words:

omnific \om-NIF-ik\, adjective:

Creating all things; having unlimited powers of creation. (source: dictionary.com)
Omnific also occurs as omnificent and omnificence, a noun.

Get those creative juices flowing because it’s time to step out and SHINE.  Be all that you are because if you don’t, who will?  No one, that’s who!  There is not another person in this universe that has the same abilities, talents or skills that you have.  There is not another being that can smile like you can, or laugh like you can or shake your derriere in that adorable way that you do.  You are a powerful, magnificent being who did not come here to be a victim. Leap into your Divine greatness and unleash your omnificence.

Remember if you hear, see or feel it three times it means your Angelic Council is speaking to you. Listen, trust and take guided action to increase this beautiful connection you have with your Angels.

If you’d like help getting rid of that negative mental chatter or if you’d like to create a stronger, clearer connection with your Angelic Council be sure to schedule an appointment with Julie.  Click Here

Felicia H. says: As always, Julie provided clear, accurate, relevant guidance that resonated and confirmed so many things for me. Thank you, Julie, for being one of God’s vessels. You are amazing!

Julie Geigle

Julie Geigle is a Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, Psychic Medium and Divine channel for Archangel Metatron. She helps people on a spiritual journey end suffering and create a beautiful life. Book a free discovery call to see if you're a good fit for our Spiritual Mentorship Program designed to change your life from the inside out! https://heavensenthealing.us/vip

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