Third Times the Charm

Courage is a Choice

Courage is a choice. It is available to all of us not just a select few. Courage begins with the desire to want something different in your life, something more. Courage often comes when we get tired of being beaten down and are ready to rise up and claim the powerful being that we are. In every moment you have the right, the power, the choice to be courageous or weak. Sometimes courage is not … [Read more...]

Divine Guidance: 4 Simple Tips to Help you Make the Right Decision

Sometimes in life you come to a fork in the road and you say to yourself should I go left or should I go right? If you are faced with a fork in the road in your life today here are FOUR simple tips to help you make the best decision. 1.  Pray about it. Don’t just ask God to help you out, but really open your heart to DIVINE GUIDANCE.  Do this by taking three deep breaths, close your eyes, … [Read more...]

How to Manifest Magic in Your Life

I am a huge believer in creating your own reality because we do.  Many people live their life on DEFAULT.  What I mean by that is they give their power away everyday believing that they have no control over the events in their life.  Things just “happen” to them.  This is a huge misperception. We are magnificent, magical beings and we are TOTALLY in control of creating the reality that we … [Read more...]

How Do I Find My Calling?

Welcome.  I am Metatron. We are excited and happy that you are able to join us this evening.  We are aware that there is much occurring within your planet and within your personal world. Many of you are experiencing much stress and disorder. We have come to assure you that all has in perfect and divine order.  We are with you, we are supporting you.  We are assisting you in your ascension … [Read more...]

Dark Night of the Soul

Are you feeling lost and confused? Take a number. That's what you signed up for.  Really.  That's what we all signed up for. We did not come here for easy.  Our greatest growth and opportunity for expansion comes in our struggles and sorrow. It is in those moments when we've lost all hope and will to go on that we are most open and willing to explore opportunities and possibilities that … [Read more...]

6 Proven Ways to Release Anger & Move into Peace

1. Feel the Emotion First thing you need to do is to honor that feeling. Don't react or judge yourself.  Just pay attention to what the emotion feels like in your body. 2.  Take Responsiblity Define your emotion without blaming someone else. Own that emotion: anger, resentment...  It's ALL yours, no matter who did what you always have a choice to step into anger or choose peace. 3.  Express … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning: Declutter Body, Mind & Spirit

Third Times the Charm Say each thought lovingly to yourself & watch magical things begin to happen: ♥ As my body purifies so do my thoughts, as my thoughts purify I move into alignment with my soul. ♥ I release anything that is no longer serving my body, mind or spirit. ♥ I cleanse and declutter regularly allowing myself to move into the "light" being that I AM. Expand Your … [Read more...]

5 Surefire Ways to Attract More Love in Your Life!

Say each thought lovingly to yourself & watch magical things begin to happen: ♥  I AM worthy of love. ♥  Love flows into my life easily & effortlessly. ♥  I AM attracting emotionally available partners to my loving & giving spirit.   Expand Your Awareness with Wonderful Words: nictitate \NIK-ti-teyt\, verb: To wink. 5 Surefire Ways to Attract More Love in Your … [Read more...]

Dream Your Biggest Dream

Say each thought lovingly to yourself & watch magical things begin to happen: ♥ All of my actions support my intentions. ♥ I am committed to living my life passionately and purposefully. ♥ As I proclaim my intention, my life unfolds accordingly. Expand your awareness with wonderful words: exordium ZAWR-dee-uhm, noun: 1. The beginning of anything. 2. The introductory part of an … [Read more...]

Ascension & the New Earth

Say each thought lovingly to yourself & watch magical things begin to happen:   ♥  I accept that fear is just a feeling which will subside as I move forward.  ♥  I allow the courage of my heart to dissolve any fears I experience. ♥  I easily go beyond the limitations of my ego. Expand your awareness with wonderful words: splendiferous \splen-DIF-er-uhs\, … [Read more...]