Cost for Services

Please Note:  All appointments are held via phone or Skype.

Psychic Medium

1 hour 15 minute session – $125.00  Initial Session for new clients.

1 hour session – $100.00  repeat clients only
45 minutes     –   $90.00
30 minutes     –   $65.00
*see our best rates below for our healing programs

Spiritual Development “Programs”

Private Spiritual Development Program:
– meet once a month privately
12 sessions – 60 minutes   $80.00 each + Bonus*

Group Spiritual Development Program 
Activate Your Intuition
  – meet once a month as a group
12 sessions – 2 hours  $40.00 per session + Bonus*
6 sessions   – 2 hours   $45.00 per session
1 session     – 2 hours   $50.00 per session

Psychic Coaching Program
meet once a month privately
12 sessions – 60 minutes    $80 each + BONUS*
12 sessions – 30 minutes    $50 each


Online Spiritual Book Club
$9.95/month or $97/year

*BONUS – Online Spiritual Book Club program is FREE when you sign up for one of our healing programs: Transformation, Journey of Joy, or Visioning.

Smoke Free Program
$200.00 – includes two 60 minute sessions + 1 session with no expiration for smoke free reinforcement

$60.00/ hour *Travel time charge for locations outside of Eau Claire – .50 per mile.

Wellness Presentations
One wellness program is offered for FREE per year to area businesses, groups and organizations.  After the initial annual presentation additional topics are available for $50 – 100.00 each.

Office Hours

Tuesday – Friday 11:00 – 4:00 pm
There is an additional $20.00 charge for week-end appointments and $10.00 for evening appointments 4:00 pm & later.

We do employ a 24 hour Cancellation Policy:

If you are unable to make it to your appointment please call 24 hours in advance otherwise there is a $50 Cancellation fee. There is much preparation that goes into getting ready for a client, this is time lost when you do not show up.  Please be considerate and arrive or call promptly.  Many times if you are not able to make an appointment in person a phone appointment works well.   Please call at least 24 hours in advance if something comes up and you are unable to attend.
~  Thank You!

Free sessions or coupons cannot be rescheduled if missed or canceled.