Chakra Crystal Bed Testimonials

Debbie D. says: With great feeling of love and gratitude, I testify to God’s goodness, faithfulness, and magnificence. During the crystal bed healing, I was lifted up and surrounded with such great love, comfort and peace. The negativity I had been experiencing was gone and I was filled with great joy and energy. Driving home, the beauty of the earth just popped out and everything seemed clearer. I felt stronger and more focused.


That night, I had a dream of walking out of a mist and walking down a hall and greeting a person walking by and saying to him with a great big smile, “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” He nodded and replied, “It IS time to rejoice.”


I didn’t know him, but I had seen his face before, but I don’t know where. In the morning when I woke, I anticipated the day with great joy. Each morning has been the best part of the day. Thank you Lord, for the heaven sent healing of Julie and others. Open our hearts and our minds to your great power! Amen


Bonnie P. says: The crystal bed healing, for me, was very spiritually, emotionally and physically powerful. I feel that I have continued receiving healing energy and guidance each day since the crystal bed healing session. Thank you, Julie, for bringing this wonderful healing energy to us!


Julie B. says: I actually felt like this was one of the most powerful healing sessions I have ever had. At times I felt like my body was not touching the bed. I felt total relaxation and it was wonderful!!




Linda W. says: Julie, I was very surprised on how powerful the remote crystal bed healing was!!! I have had many crystal beds and did not know what to expect from a “remote” healing with the bed. It was very clearing and wonderfully relaxing. Some issues I was working on were resolved right away. I highly recommend this to anyone who feels they can’t physically travel to have a crystal bed or just want a healing in the privacy of their home…Bless you Julie!!!  NJ


Cate R. says:
I found the remote crystal bed healing to be a most powerful experience. Not only did I receive the healing I desired but also in areas I was not expecting. I felt focused, alert and peaceful afterward. I was visited by angels and ascended masters. It was a transformative experience and I look forward to having this beautiful experience again!  MA


Tatiana says:
 I bought the 1 year package and have committed to doing my sessions once a week for the whole year expecting good results. I often see images of St. Rita and Dr. Augusto working on me during the sessions. I also experience warmth in my feet, stomach, and movement in my kidneys (an area I am working on) during the sessions. I have done in-person sessions as well.

I can attest that the distance healing is as effective. I think it takes time for the healing to take place and that is why I have committed to doing it for the whole year to get the support from the beautiful spirits. I believe that the entities honor this commitment on my part.  As much as they help us, we also help them to get their virtue for serving us.

I am very happy to work with Julie as she is very kind, punctual, and caring. Thank you, Julie. May you also be rewarded abundantly for this beautiful service to humanity.


Vass C. says: Julie is a unique gifted Earth angel. She has a lovely energy and this was felt during the call! She’s very thorough in explaining what you need to know and extremely gifted. The session was divine. I felt angelic presence all around me and the energy was huge! I had similar sessions before with other healers, but nothing like this. I actually felt Ascended masters presence too and at the end of the session I felt refreshed. I actually felt things lifted especially within my heart space and throat.

I was told from friends after, that I had a glow despite my earlier tiredness. I feel so blessed. It must be noted that the information I was provided at the end of my session by Julie, had confirmed angelic beings present and evidenced too in the photo she took at the end. 
Today I was guided to a monastery and I felt angelic presence around me all day and even caught orbs in pictures! Also as evidenced by Julie after my session. I highly recommend Julie a truly gifted unique soul. Thank you so so much Julie! I will keep in touch and definitely update you more. Love and Blessings So, so grateful!!


Vass CB Healing 7-1


Teri M. says:
I am so thankful for our distance crystal bed healing yesterday. I could see the lights dancing and could feel the Angels with me since the night before, through into the day after. It was a magical experience. Earlier before the session, I felt some despair leave my body.

Throughout the session, I felt the blissful love that Creator has for us. I could feel the love of the Angels. AA Metatron also personally cleansed my chakras and delivered a message for me. Even if all you want to feel is joy, this is the session for you. My dog and cat were laying on top of me during the session, and I asked the beings to include them in the healing. It is magical! I will be back for sure. Thank you, Julie.   MI