Dare to Meditate™

Whether you have never meditated or are a seasoned meditator we are excited to help you on your journey to serenity where everything is perfect exactly as it is.

There are numerous benefits to meditation and whether you meditate once a week or daily a regular, consistent meditation practice may help you:

* lose weight
* lower blood pressure
* improve quality of life
* increase well being
* reduce stress
* change perception
* increase connection to spirit
* experience random feelings of bliss
* bring more calm and peace into your world

Looking for a great Christmas Gift?  Purchase a Gift Certificate for just $18 and give the gift of a 28 day Meditation Program!

Thank you for your interest in our 28 Day Meditation Program.  By ordering this program you will receive FULL access to download all 28 meditations.

Once you complete the order form below you will receive access to the password protected “download” page for 30 days where you can download all of the meditations to your computer.  Once you have downloaded the recordings to your computer you will be able to transfer them to your ipod, mp3 player or burn on a CD or simply leave them on your desktop and listen at your leisure.

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