Ekam Circles begins Monday, May 18th, 6:30pm CST

Ekam circles are spaces where the power of the divine flows into your lives in great abundance. They are cradles for supporting the spiritual evolution of an individual.

Ekam circles are like satellite ships that tune into the power of Ekam to help individuals, families and groups move from unhappiness to beautiful states, from disconnection to connection, from division to oneness.

These are spaces where you experience a healing of their bodies, minds and hearts. At the Ekam circles you will flow through a sequence of wisdom, Meditation, chanting, prayer and joyful conversation. It is a space for heartfelt connection.

Ekam mithra is a specially trained student of the founders of O&O Academy, Preethaji and Krishnaji to help hold the space for the divine power to flow. I have been trained and initiated during my travels to Ekam in India March 2020.

The 8 gifts that will flow to you at Ekam circles:

1st week  – Accessing Universal Intelligence for Clearing Obstacles for removal of obstacles
2nd week – for health & vitality
3rd week –  for love in family
4th week –  for prosperity
5th week  – for stress release
6th week  – for passion at work
7th week – for intelligence
8th week – for releasing the departed

The first week you attend no matter what topic I am hosting is always FREE.