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Manifesting Miracles of Wealth, Health, Love & Joy in 2018

Each day the link will be “enabled” so you can access the meditation for that day. You must have the PASSWORD to access this program.

For those of you who are not active on FB please read these 2 documents before beginning:

#1 Manifesting Agreement Course Description
#2 Manifesting Agreement FAQ

Table of Contents

Week 1 Wealth

Day 1 Monday “The Journey to Abundance Begins”
Day 2 Tuesday “I Am One with God, the Divine Source”
Day 3 Wednesday “Practice Manifesting”
Day 4 Thursday “Dissolving Interference”
Day 5 Friday “Start From Where You Are”

Week 2 Health/Weight

Day 6 Monday “I Listen. I Trust. I Take Guided Action”
Day 7 Tuesday “Activating My Intuition”
Day 8 Wednesday “What You Think About You Bring About”
Day 9 Thursday “I Am the Source of My Perfect Health”
Day 10 Friday “The Power of Now”

Week 3 Love/Romance

Day 11 Monday “Mastering the Love Quotient”
Day 12 Tuesday “I Am Loved”
Day 13 Wednesday “I Love What I Do & Do What I Love”
Day 14 Thursday “Generous is as Generous Does”
Day 15 Friday “We Are All One”

Week 4 JOY

Day 16 Monday “A Shower of Joy”
Day 17 Tuesday “Smiling Raises Your Vibration”
Day 18 Wednesday “An Infinite Wellspring of Joy”
Day 19 Thursday “Bucket List of Joy”
Day 20 Friday “I Am Joy”

Week 5 Closing (Written) – Very Powerful Don’t Skip!

Day 21 Individual Closing
Day 22 Group Closing