“Blessings of Joy” Messages from Metatron

“Blessings of Joy” ENERGY FORECAST as channeled by Archangel Metatron.

NEW MOON, Winter Solstice, Mercury Retrograde goes direct!!! This week is an incredibly exciting week for all and your energy is best spent receiving blessings from others.

Magic is in the air and sprinkled all throughout this week. Open your heart and receive a new blessed career change, financial prosperity, successful projects and assistance from others. Everything you touch turns to gold this week. Smile and be joyful.

The mantra to stay grounded during our final week of retrograde:

“I open my heart to the blessings of God.”

Welcome, I am Metatron. We are thrilled and delighted as always coming here to join you this day, assisting in the evolution of your humanity.

Take a deep breath and open your heart to receive the beautiful energy forecast that we have come to share. Welcoming in the Pleiadians. 

This week your energy is best served opening to your dreams and desires. There are different points within your year that support your goals on a deeper and stronger level and there are certain times during the year where those goals are best set aside in an incubator to grow and flourish.

The energy now is supporting an opening. It is a time for dreaming your biggest dream, letting go of any limitations that you have placed upon yourself and opening to the magnificence of the universe.

If there was nothing stopping you what would you desire us (the Universe/God) to bring you?

What do you desire to manifest?

What would you like to create in your life?

It is the end of your year on your earth planet which often brings a time of reflection and a time of re-creation. Your New Moon is here now helping to close retrograde and balance out all of the energies and emotions that were amplified.

Grounding and centering yourself within your desires for your life.

Take a moment now and call in your beautiful team of angels, your beautiful spiritual team for this is the week of magic and miracles.

This is the week of dancing and joyful singing and much celebration.

This is the time of creation. 

Many of you may have been feeling stuck during this retrograde, during this backward motion, backward energy that retrograde often brings. It may have felt difficult to move forward, feelings of overwhelmed amplified especially with your holiday thrown on top of that.

Allow that “retrograde energy” to begin to move out. Bringing in a more expensive, energetic open-hearted energy that bathes and supports you into the next level/phase of your work here on this planet.

We are incredibly excited for the Lightworkers are gaining in momentum which is part of the energy that is coming in for this week.


Imagine and feel yourself standing upon the grid. The crystalline grid that envelopes the planet. Take your rightful spot within the grid and feel a charge of light moving through your being.

Light coming down from heaven, down in through the top of your head, moving through your whole body connecting in with the light coming up from mother earth.

As these two lights meet in the middle a beautiful explosion occurs and you become one with the light.

Feel the fullness of this activation that is occurring within the cells of your physical being connecting each and everyone of you together as lightworkers upholding, sustaining and maintaining the mission of the Pleiadieans.

The time is now. You are ready.

Let go of any fears and feelings of frustration. Surrender to all that is in your life at this time.

Overwhelm is simply a perception created by your ego to keep you stuck in fear, to keep you disconnected.

The truth is that everything is happening FOR you, not TO you.

It is for the evolution of your soul and the planet. Let go of your pity party, step into your power and be the Lightworker you came here to be.

There are unseen forces assisting you at this time. Align with the energy and the frequency of the universe as it propels you forward in love.

This beautiful energy that has come for you this week… be present in joy and faith believing that there is something more that is occurring within your life, something glorious and magnificent that you are creating, that you are apart of.

The struggle is over. Ease and effortlessness has arrived.

Remember you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.

✝️ I am Metatron and I have spoken here this day. ✝️

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