Energy Forecast Feb 12th-18th

ENERGY FORECAST for Feb 12th-18th. “Decisive, Determined Action” This week your energy is best spent taking the bull by the horns and “JUST DO IT” as the old Nike commercial would say. You may be feeling a bit impulsive but sometimes that’s what is needed to shift out of overthinking every single decision in your life.

It doesn’t matter what you do or what path you follow the only thing that matters this week is that you JUST DO something! It is time to make a change in your life. Do not talk yourself out of it. Allow that still, small voice to guide and direct you. There are no mistakes, only opportunities to learn and grow.

The mantra to empower you this week:

I take the action needed to bring more love into my life.

Welcome, I am Metatron here in service to humanity. We are joined by the Pleiadians this day bringing you messages of love, of hope, of healing.

Just allow yourself to drift into this beautiful, sacred space falling into grace as we wrap you up in a beautiful blanket of love. Calling in your own spiritual team, your own council to assist in the expansion of your soul and your spirit.

Letting go and releasing anything that no longer serves you, aligning with the gift of this moment. Embracing the experiences that are arising for you now.

Feel an activation moving into your body, into each and every cell opening, expanding receiving this new frequency of light. This new frequency of love.

You are more than meets the eye.

You are magnificence. You are light from the inside out.

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We are here to share a beautiful energy forecast with you, helping you clarify and confirm where your energy is best spent for this week.

You have a beautiful new moon coming up on your planet and an exciting solar eclipse this week which is

ushering in another wave of transmissions.

So if you have felt the rug pulled out from underneath your feet this is all by design, especially in terms of love relationships because any relationship that is not of integrity, that is not of light is dissolving, disconnecting and allowing you to harness your own power to create and begin again.

Your energy is best spent this week by taking action.

There is no more thinking.

This is a time of doing.

This is a time of moving forward in your life to create much-needed change to take you to the next level of your “self.”

Tune in now to your own inner voice; it is guiding you with specific action to take. As you assess your life and determine that there is something that is not working or even to determine that you desire a change the next step is to do something different.

For as you continue to stay stuck in old patterns, old belief systems, old ways of being and doing and complain and whine that you are unhappy and unfulfilled you are perpetuating that reality.

We are here with you now, in this day in this moment.

Decide to take the action that is needed in your life.

No more… over thinking, over analyzing, critiquing, judging.

No more stuck in fear.

There is only an easy flow of action that is propelling you forward to create a meaningful, fulfilling life.

Rise up and feel the joy that you are.

Rise up and create the love in your life that you deserve.

We are here supporting you this week in taking action. You do not need to know the staircase before you, you only need to take the first step and the way will be shown and the path will be revealed and the universe will be there to support you.

Remember you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.

✝ I am Metatron and I have spoken here this day. ✝

We would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the message this week from Metatron. Be sure to leave a comment below to show your love and support. Thank you for stopping by & if you have time to share on social media we truly appreciate it.

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