Energy Report from Metatron

metatron1Welcome, I am Metatron here in service to humanity.

This week’s Energy Report from Archangel Metatron for the week of Sept 12th- 18th comes bursting with expansion as we move into week 3 of Mercury Retrograde.

FREEDOM is the theme for the week and “I Am Free to be, do and have all that I desire” is the mantra to keep you grounded in your truth.

Are you feeling stuck in your relationships or career?

It is time to disentangle yourself from that which is no longer serving you in your life. Let go of people, jobs/careers, “stuff” that is holding you back and keeping you stuck.

Every time you remove something OLD from your life it allows space for something NEW to come in.

Sometimes when you feel stuck the easiest way to get the energy moving again is to begin to declutter your physical space. As humans you like to accumulate a lot of “stuff” and then you get attached to this stuff and attachment breeds stuck energy. In order for energy to flow FREELY as it should it is important for you to simplify your life. What in your life is it time to get rid of?

Do you have a “to-do” list a mile long?

It may be time to FREE yourself from some of your obligations and commitments you’ve made to other people in your life. Living your life in overwhelm is not what we had in mind when we invited you to sign up as a Lightworker here on this planet. We need not mention that…

Overwhelm is a lower vibrating energy that counteracts your best intentions to shine light on earth.

Throw away your to-do list and focus on THREE things every day that you would like to accomplish.

Lighten your load and allow presence to be your #1 priority.

Then watch how everything magically falls into place.

Are you feeling like it’s time to move?

A fresh start brings much FREEDOM and new energy into your life. If you have bad memories from the place you reside in or things are getting sticky with your neighbors it may be a sign from the Universe that there is a space you would be more comfortable in that would bring much needed change and freedom into your life.

Maybe it isn’t a complete move that is best for you, maybe it is buying a cabin, building a sunroom or addition onto your home, traveling or living in another place for a month or so during the year. Be open to ALL possibilities in terms of finding freedom in your personal space.

The energy of FREEDOM is in the air this week so take full advantage of this exhilarating vibration and take action as needed. It may be something as simple as dancing to your favorite tune on your iPod or decluttering your space or playing hooky for the day or it may be something more serious like a move or ending a relationship. Whatever it is pay attention to signs from the Universe. You have a plethora of angels helping you to align with your highest good. Ask for help and be open to receive it.

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 Angel Hugs 
Julie Geigle/Metatron

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