Ep 131 “Learn Something New”

This week your energy is best spent learning something new. Whether you enroll in a new course, decide to go back to school or begin a long-term project the energy in the Universe is supporting your growth and expansion in wild and wonderful ways.

Open your mind and your heart to stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a risk. Now is the time to make new friends and embark on new journeys. As you open yourself up to MORE in your life it will allow your soul to expand and grow. Growth is always good especially in the spring of the year when everything is fresh and new. Enjoy the beautiful NEW MOON this week to help steady your feet as you get ready to take flight again aligning with your dreams and fulfilling every desire.


I am filled with joy as I do something different and try something new.

Welcome, I am Metatron, here in service to humanity. Welcoming in the Pleiadians here to shine their light, their love assisting this planet earth. Calling in your own spiritual teams filled with wisdom and guidance specifically for you.

We begin this day with a healing as we know there are many that come with a troubled heart.

Allow yourself to be bathed in the beautiful vibrational frequency that we create here. The frequency of love, of joy, of peace. Imagine what would your life be like if you need only focus upon those 3 things? In this moment here and now, that is your only purpose.

Breathe into this sacred space with us. Allowing this energy to be dripped like an IV directly into your veins. A beautiful elixir to help you align with what is most important in your life.

Letting go of the shoulds and stepping into the present, the present moment filled with love, joy and peace.

Feel the love of God surround you, encapsulate you assisting you to take flight. The chains have been removed there is nothing stopping you now.

The energy this week is best spent learning something new.

As you prepare for the beautiful new moon this evening it will help you to ground yourself in the magnificence of the space, the energy that is moving in this day.

It helps you gain clarity and purpose in what direction you’d like to move or where your best growth, your best course of learning may occur.

As you open your heart to possibilities in your life, beautiful things begin to happen.

Boredom is eliminated, the excitement begins to open up.

Think about what it is that you desire most. Let go of the obstacles that you have created in your mind for yourself. You need not figure out how you will make this happen for in this moment your sole purpose is to align with the desire.

We see many of you block yourselves simply because you cannot see how to get from a to b as we can. When you work with your spiritual team it changes everything in your life.

When you surrender your need to control and your need to know every single detail before you take action we are allowed to step in and assist you more easily, but when you put all of these requirements on your dreams and your goals and you try to go it alone without our help you certainly get there but it isn’t always easy.

Help us help you. Draw us near to align with your energy and create a flow in your life that is easy and effortless because it is possible.

Anything is possible.

Imagine opening your heart to unlimited possibilities of creating purpose and passion allowing your childlike fantasies to fuel and motivate your action.

We are here with you now supporting you, assisting you, guiding you.

Call upon us so that we may help and watch the shower of joy and love and peace begin to flow into your life.

Remember you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.

✝ I am Metatron and I have spoken here this day. ✝

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