“Wishes Come True” Messages from Metatron

This week your energy is best spent riding the wave of exciting energy that is moving through right now on your planet. This is a time of watching all of those seeds you have planted begin to sprout and blossom. Your garden has a FULL array of colors, shapes and sizes. All of your limitations have been lifted and the blocks have evaporated.

You are literally in the glorious energy that you have spent much hard work and effort creating. It is here. The time is now. All of your wishes are coming true. Your dreams are turning into reality as we speak. This is a magical time in your life. Fill yourself with gratitude and receive the blessings and gifts from God, the Divine source energy.


Shreem Brzee

This is used to connect with Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity and fortune. Repeat daily 108 times for best results.

Welcome, I am Metatron, here in service to humanity. Welcoming in the Pleiadians this  day shining their light and sharing their love.

We invite you now to move deeply into your heart connecting and aligning with all that you are and all that you desire to be.

Go ahead and place your hand on your heart and imagine that heart space opening, allowing this beautiful influx of new energy to move through.

Cleansing, Clearing & Releasing the old.

Opening the portal, the gateway to new beginnings and fresh starts.

As you open your eyes and live from this present moment letting go of what was in your past and what may be to come in your future, understanding to the depths of your soul that your power lies in presence, being present with your life, with your people, with this moment.

Feel yourself aligning and deepening your connection with presence.

As you do that see yourself expanding beyond your own limitations of what you brought here into this space.

Visualize yourself becoming one with your spirit, your spiritual nature which is infinite, unending, limitless grace and perfection.

Staying within that vibration, that frequency that you have created here this day for in this moment your wishes are coming true, in this moment here now, not tomorrow or next week or next month, your dreams are being fulfilled as we speak.

Imagine that reality now even if your mind cannot comprehend that, even if your ego steps in with a million reasons or excuses why that cannot be so.

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Release those thoughts and come into perfect alignment with this reality, this present moment for it is happening now.

Now imagine stepping into the Merkaba, the highest frequency and being transported into the 5th dimension. Opening up to your spiritual team for they are here to assist you in this expansion.

Those of you that are ready allow yourself to continue moving forward into the 6th dimension, the 7th dimension, if you will, the 8th dimension, the 9th dimension, the 10th dimension, feel the energy within you limitless, vast, expansive as you move into the 11th dimension, and quickly achieving your fullest expansion of the 12th dimension.

You are all this and more.

Your time has come.

We are here to assist you on this awakening, this energetic attunement for you are changing many lives on your planet. All of you that have been called here today, yes, we are speaking to you, your Divine life mission is like a rocket that is fueling your growth and expansion.

Remove the limits of your ego, they are dissolving now.

There is nothing that you cannot do or achieve when you align with the perfection of your soul or spirit.

There is a beautiful cleansing, a continual washing over of that which no longer serves you and this energy field.

As you desire you may permanently step out of the 3rd dimension and function entirely in the 5th dimension and beyond.

Remember, the only one that is interfering with your ability to have anything that you desire within this earthly creation is your self, is YOU.

When you realize there is nothing outside of yourself that cannot be overcome, you will begin to understand to a greater degree the ultimate power that you have in creating and choosing the reality which you function from.

Daily the energy field on this planet is being upgraded.

Align with the upgrade, open your heart to receive and allow magical things to blossom and open.

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We are honoured and delighted as always to assist you on your beautiful journey of awakening, enlightenment, God-realization.

Call in your spiritual team daily. Allow us to guide you and direct you.

Creating an ease and an effortless as you move toward and fulfill all of your desires and dreams coming from a place of service, a place of love.

As you function on a grander scale your ego and its limitations will continue to lose its power each day until you get to the place where your ego only serves to ground your physical body on this planet and you function entirely from the space of your spirit, your soul, your higher self.

Feel the glory and grace of God’s divine energy flow through every cell of your being standing tall, with courage, grace and love.

We encourage you to go out into the world and be the light that you are, be the change that you wish to see as Ghandi has so eloquently put it.

We hold much love for you here and are available and ready at your side to support you, to counsel you and to guide you.

You need only ask and we show up.

Remember you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.

✝ I am Metatron and I have spoken here this day. ✝

We would LOVE to hear your thoughts! 

Be sure to leave a comment below and tell us what you loved. ❤

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Julie Geigle/Metatron





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