Ep 147 “Fearless is the New Normal”




I am a fearless and inspirational leader in all I say and all I do.




This week is all about spiritual epiphanies and your personal truth. Your personal truth is also tied to your integrity.


Where is your energy best spent this week?


When you can harness the power, the energy of the universe you can create power in your life and position instead of getting run over in your life or run down by life.


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Truth is the theme for this week so anything trying to hide, or any lies or untruths or misperceptions are being broken wide open so I see a beautiful light encasing all of us and the truth is revealed, show and SEEN.


This whole month of September really is a month of TRUTH…
honoring your truth, your purpose and joy.


God did not put us here on this planet to be miserable.


God did not put us here to hate our lives and be depressed, anxious and sad. Sometimes those struggles will help us grow and evolve into a deeper and stronger, more compassionate person.


There is always a silver lining in the cloud.


When you can trust that it is all happening for you not to you it opens up an opportunity for you to align with your higher good, your truth.


How can you be a blessing to others in your life?


Especially when you’re struggling, especially when you’re suffering. When you can shift your attention away from your pain and help somebody else that’s actually where your best healing often occurs.


We are lightworkers here today, prayer warriors if you are showing up here today you are absolutely in alignment with me, with this message.


This week you might find yourself very emotional, the energy is really intense. We have the memories of the collective consciousness, the pain of this entity especially as lightworker and sensitives.


You might feel emotional this week because you have signed up to
help heal the collective consciousness.


If you feel like you want to cry and something just happened and it shouldn’t evoke that strong of a response and suddenly you are just a puddle honor those tears.


Let those emotions wash over and through you.


Don’t stuff, deny or hide them. Let that pain be what it is. You are bringing a beautiful blessing by holding that pain and allowing that beautiful healing to come through.


By honoring those emotions they will move through you. When we ignore, deny, hide the emotions get trapped and stuck.


We are doing intense work for the planet, for the collective consciousness, so I wanted you to be aware that that is going on this week.


Also, emotions in accordance with the truth of who you are, are coming to light this week.


You are an eternal being of joy with unlimited possibilities and as that veil lifts and you begin to function more fully in the fifth dimension it is an awesome, awesome experience to be lifted from the burdens and challenges of your life and be aligned with that joy that you are.


Part of that emotional feeling is of gratitude and appreciation of life, for getting another day to be here to have experiences with your loved ones and an opportunity to serve and be a blessing.


What is your truth?


How can you align with your truth?


The energy this week is supporting spiritual epiphanies all around you.  A spiritual epiphany is when you are able to see beyond the illusions of your current reality.


You are able to see beyond the pain, you are able to see beyond that challenge or depression and you are able to harness that truth.


You are a spiritual being first and foremost and that you are a human being second. When you can put that spiritual being in the driver’s seat that’s when you can step into and align with the power of your grace.


Continue to work those mantras and affirmation. My favorite one is


Out of this experience only good will come.


Any time that chatter tries to take you down into the rabbit hole the mantras will help you stay your ground and elevate you. It will help you raise your vibration and align with your truth instead of believing the illusions of your ego.


Fearless is the new normal.


This is part 2 of letting go of fear and worry. Last week we talked about part 1, “6 Tips to Being Worry Free.”


This week you’ve been working those mantras and affirmations, you’ve been paying attention to what you are thinking and how you are feeling. You are becoming aware.


Change can’t happen if you aren’t aware of what’s going on in your mind,
what you’re thinking or what you are feeling.


You can’t make a change unless you identify what’s going on. There’s actually a program that runs in the back of your mind that’s attached to your subconscious mind.


When you become aware of that subconscious program that’s running it allows you to become aware of what the blocks are, the interference that is preventing you from claiming your birthright of prosperity and abundance. With awareness comes power.


Fearless is the new normal of breaking through that fear that can be overwhelming. That worry that can be mind-numbing. I encourage you to find some mantras and affirmations that really speak to your soul, that resonate with you and work them.


Those mantras will keep your vibration high and keep you aligned with the truth of who you are.


Remember, you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.


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