“Yes, the Time is Now” Ep 150


Your energy is best spent this week moving forward with your plans and saying YES to new opportunities, whether that be in career or romance the universe is supporting FORWARD MOTION at this time.


The drain has been unclogged you are no longer trapped or stuck in indecision. The way is clear, the path is known and action is now. Do not delay as there is a small window of opportunity presenting itself for decisive action. If you are wishy-washy in any way it shifts the energy from secure to uncertain.


Harness the power of the infinite intelligence and be fearless in your choices and strong in your decisions. This week is especially about forward momentum in your career and asking for what you want. Don’t assume other people in your life know what you desire.


Spell it out. Keep it simple. Live your truth.


The people around you may not initially like your new straightforward upfront policy but in the end, they will be thanking you for it!  No one likes to walk on eggshells around other people so it’s best to get things off your chest straight away rather than let it fester and boil until there’s a big blow up.


This is also a good time to engage in your dream job as a hobby giving voice to possibilities and lost passions. Don’t focus on how you are going to make the leap simply focus on the pleasures and delights of your soul and allow God, the Divine source energy to take care of the rest.


Sometimes hobbies are simply a gateway to people and experiences that allow the fullest expression of your being. Don’t undermine or minimize the importance of joy in your life. Joy in simple tasks.


What are some of your long lost passions or new ones wanting to bubble up to the surface?


Have you always wanted to join a knitting club or are you a sports enthusiast? Maybe it’s time to try your hand at guitar or building birdhouses. Whatever it is choose ONE and see it through. Focus your energy on this hobby for at least 3 months and see where it takes you.


You never know if this experience could lead you to your next romance or awesome career opportunity. Sitting at home moping because you are lonely doesn’t change anything. Now is the time to TAKE ACTION and pursue something new and different.


Say yes and see what doors begin to open and people you begin to meet. Say yes and see what gifts the universe has waiting for you. Say yes and watch your life begin to change as you shift from fearful to fearless.  The world is just waiting for you to rise up, show up and say YES!




I say YES to things that make my heart sing.




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Remember, you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.


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