“Inner Exploration” Ep 159


This week your energy is best spent

  • Taking a break from the chaos of life and going inward.
  • Turn to a mentor for sage advice.
  • Make a deeper commitment to spiritual growth.

The affirmation to empower you is

I turn inward for the answers I seek trusting the wisdom of my soul.



1. Go Inward

Take a break from the chaos of your life and go inward. Make time for meditation, don’t skip that walk in the park, revel in those long bubble baths and allow yourself to turn the spotlight on you.

What do you need right now?

What do you want right now?


It’s okay to be selfish right now. You cannot give to others when you have nothing left to give.


Feeling overwhelmed and resentful? Slow down. Take time for yourself and close the year with gratitude and love.


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2. Turn to a Mentor


You may feel like you are floundering and need a steady, sure-footed course. This is an excellent time to turn to a mentor for some sage wisdom and advice.


It’s okay if you don’t have all the answers or know what to do. Sometimes hearing it from someone else makes it more real.


You know how it is…  your mom or girlfriend can say the exact same thing but hearing it from a professional suddenly makes it take on a new meaning.


Life coaches and spiritual counselors are all the rage right now. If you haven’t indulged and have always wanted to at the very least begin your search and ask around.


A good mentor/life coach can be life-changing.


(I offer a mentorship program with many happy clients who have manifested exciting lives. I have 2 openings right now at a special rate. Email me privately if you are interested.)


3. Spiritual Growth


This is a time to make a deeper commitment to your own spiritual growth.


What would that look like if you had the time to pursue that?


Maybe you’ve been longing to take a class or join a club. Now is the time. Allow your consciousness to grow and expand to new heights.


A deeper, more fulfilling relationship with the Divine and your Spiritual Team can open up new and exciting opportunities for you. It can help you feel more serenity in your life and more love.


As you honor your heart’s calling new blessings are coming into your life.


Remember, you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.


We would LOVE to hear your thoughts!

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