“Bursting with Blessings” Ep 162

Chakra Healing

  • The chakra we are focusing on this week for healing is the 4th chakra which is all about love and forgiveness. The colors to wear or surround yourself with are pink and green.

This week your energy is best spent

  • Pausing to appreciate your blessings.
  • Being grateful for your failures as much as your triumphs.
  • Allow the Universe to mirror “she’s thankful, let’s give her more to be thankful for.”

The affirmation to empower you is

  • I am blessed by God’s goodness and grace every day and in every way.



1. Pause to appreciate your blessings.

This week your energy is best spent pausing to appreciate the beautiful blessings you have in your life. Sure things might not always be sunshine and roses but when it’s all said and done would you really want it any other way?


Take a moment each day to be grateful for all the wonderful things happening in your life. As you go through your list of relationships or experiences try to find at least one good thing about each one. Even if it’s that they have great hair or a nice smile.


If you are having trouble in your relationships or in a situation shifting your energy into what is work instead of focusing on what isn’t might just be the reality upgrade you’ve been looking for. Remember you just need to do something different and shifting where your energy is focused qualifies as “something different.”



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2. Be grateful for your failures as much as your triumphs.

Everything you’ve experienced in your life has created who you are, the amazing, beautiful and gentle soul that touches hearts and makes others smile. When we stop to look over our lives, the memorable things that come to mind may not have felt like any big deal when we were experiencing them. This is why it’s so important to be present in your life otherwise you may miss those high points entirely.


I’ll never forget a camping trip we went on when the kids were little. Everything that could possibly go wrong did and more. From the storm that went through in the middle of the night that soaked the tent and all of us in it to the camping spot right next to the bathroom with a steady stream of onlookers. But as the kids get older and we reminisce about the trips we took that one always takes center stage and gets the most laughs.


You never know what memory you are making right now that might feel miserable but 10-20 years from now it gets the most mileage when it comes to storytelling!

3. The Universe Mirrors Your Gratitude

Don’t take people and things for granted. Make sure you are noticing and appreciating all that you have. When you focus on gratitude the Universe says “she’s thankful, let’s give her more things to be thankful for” and unleashes a shower of more things to be grateful for. And so your blessings multiply simply by appreciating your life.


I’ll never forget a study they did about the poorest people in the world. They found that the amount of money they didn’t have had little to no effect on their level of joy and happiness. The two appeared to be completely independent of each other. So despite difficult circumstances, they figured out how to enjoy life and make the best of things.


It really is that simple. Love your life and your life will give you more to love. Don’t overcomplicate things and don’t get caught up in what you don’t like.


Remember, you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.


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