“Button Your Lip” Ep 176


Chakra Healing

The chakra we are focusing on for healing this week is the 7th chakra and is our connection with the Universe and disperses the universal life force energy into all of the chakras below it. This chakra stands for faith and trust. This chakra is violet and the auric color is white.


If your 7th chakra is out of alignment you may feel depressed, headaches, unusually tired, sleep issues and/or mental fog. Four tips to rebalance this energy center: 1. meditation 2. silent activities like reading or doing a puzzle 3. flowery essential oils like jasmine and lavender or more woodsy oils like sandalwood and frankincense 4. crystals that help are quartz and amethyst. 5. Wear white as a symbol of purity and faith or buy violet flowers.


The color is violet or white.
The element of thought.
It is located at the top of the head.


The affirmation to empower you is

  • I am not here to judge or give advice. I am here to hold the space of love for you.



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1. Silent Witness

This week your energy is best spent being the silent witness or observer and holding the space for others. Your opinions may not be welcomed and others may view you as trying to control them so best to keep your lips buttoned and only offer advice when asked and even then proceed with caution.


2. Unfold Naturally

This is a time of letting things naturally unfold. There is no action that needs doing. Take a step back and get out of your own way because sometimes too much fussing can end up blocking or sabotaging your best efforts. You are being asked to try to see a situation from all points of view and remain neutral or impartial. Taking a side is only going to get you into trouble in the end.


3. Be Present in Conversations

Someone is needing your guidance in their life. Being a mentor is not figuring it out for them but helping them to ask the right questions to come to their own conclusions. Oftentimes simply talking out loud helps us resolve issues in our life. Be present in conversations for what you don’t say is more important this week than what you do say.


Remember, you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.


For 2019 we are using the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Guidebook to guide us through our weekly energy forecasts.


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Question of the Week: If I step back from my present situation what do I see? Can I be neutral?

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