“Perfection Doesn’t Make Perfect” Ep 193

Chakra Healing

The chakra that we are focusing on this week for healing is the 4th chakra.

The color is red.
Affirmation: I am safe and secure.
It is located in your HEART.


Question of the Week

Are you being too hard on yourself?

Affirmation to Empower You

I completely love and accept myself exactly as I am.


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Today I’m here to share with you a beautiful chakra healing forecast and the card that I pulled for you this week is PERFECTION and we are working on the 1st chakra which is the root and the affirmation I AM SAFE & SECURE.

This week with perfection I want you to be focusing on the question “Are you being too hard on yourself?”

1. Sign of Perfectionism

Typically when we are very hard on ourself, critical or judgmental it is a sign of perfectionism. I know I struggle with perfectionism and it can oftentimes do a couple things.

It can alienate you from others in your life because you have such high standards for yourself that you tend to be quick to judge others and impatient. Also, you are quick to walk away from relationships that don’t meet your standards or expectations.

This week we’re really inviting you to take a closer look at that little voice in your head.

Are you beating yourself up every day?
Are you being overly critical to what you’re saying and what you’re doing?


2. Inner World Reflection of Your Outer World

That can also reflect out into your world. So if you’re being hard on yourself then you’re being hard on other people and maybe not even realizing it, maybe not even seeing that you are obsessing or expecting more than what people can give you.

Certainly it’s important to have boundaries and certainly, you want to have expectations but just make sure they are realistic because you can end up alienating yourself from other people.

So if you find yourself feeling lonely or abandoned you might want to take a closer look at how you’re treating yourself. A lot of times when we’re beating ourselves up we’re very strict and limiting with ourselves that can flow into our relationships with other people.


3. Become Conscious of Your Judgments

Pay attention to the judgments that you are having about other people and I don’t even care if they’re people you don’t even know. I’m constantly telling my husband to stop beating up the weatherman on TV. He’s just trying to do his best.

Try to say positive things about people all the time. Try to find the good in people instead of constantly pointing out everything that’s wrong whether it’s the weatherman on TV messing up the forecast again, or your mother.

When we focus on the positive, then more positive things happen. When we focus on negative, being that perfectionist then more negative things will show up in your life.

I want you to really take it easy on yourself. You have my permission this week to be gentle, to be kind, to be loving and nurturing and lighten up.


4. Perfectionism a Sign of Unmet Needs

This need to have things perfect in your life can actually be a sign that you really deep down are just desiring to be loved. And it’s your way of ensuring that you are loved. You might have those belief systems in your head that Oh when I get to that perfect weight I’m going to find that perfect guy or When I have that perfect job I’m going to finally be happy.

Don’t place your happiness on things or people. That’s an illusion that once everything’s perfect you’re going to be happy.

Be happy now and don’t be so hard on yourself and don’t be so judgmental of others. That’s what we’re working on this week.


5. Transformation in Relationships

When you become conscious of what you’re saying about yourself and other people in your mind it opens up that gateway for transformation to occur. So we are able to let go, we have that beautiful Full Moon this week, we are able to let go of what we don’t want, how we don’t want to be in our life, and really make room to bring in the person that we do want to be.

It really is possible to live the happiest version of yourself and you don’t have to be perfect to do that. Perfections create who you are and how you’re showing up. I love that phrase: Pefectly Imperfect… because everything is perfect in the eyes of God.

We are perfection manifested without doing anything, we just are that. So don’t think that you need to do something or be something special in order to be happy because you don’t.

You can be happy now with what you have and where you’re at which is another theme we are focusing on this week. Loving yourself, accepting you and accepting the other people in your life that’s when the transformation occurs.

The three words to focus on this week are…

1. Uniqueness – no one has what you have
2. Friendships – how are you showing up as a friend
3. Acceptance – accepting yourself and others


Meditation  “Blessing Others”

Take a nice deep breath.

Close your eyes if you’re able.

This meditation will help you accept yourself and other people in your life.

I want you to think about the people in your life. And as they pop into your mind I want you to think about 1 good thing. Compliment them.

I know it might be hard for some people that are popping in your head, but even if it’s wow they’ve got great hair today, I want you to think about 1 nice thing.

Then move them through, go through your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, acquaintances, & strangers. Whoever needs a blessing today, a healing will pop into your mind. Think about 1 nice thing to say to them.

Then I want you to send them on their way. It’s like you’re giving them a blessing. Just imagine a beautiful white light and as you bless them they move into that sacred healing light.

Take a nice deep breath and let them all go into the light, the light of love and healing.

Now I want you to turn your attention inward and I want you to think about 3 nice things about yourself that you like today.

Maybe you had a great hair day, maybe you look fantastic in that outfit, maybe you made an awesome dinner, you’re a great cook.

Repeat after me…

I love & accept myself and the people in my life.
I love & accept myself and the people in my life.
I love & accept myself and the people in my life.

And so it is.

Take a deep breath and come back into the room feeling amazing in every way.

This meditation is going to help you heal and clear any blockages in that 1st chakra this week.

Remember, you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.


For 2019 we are using the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Guidebook to guide us through our weekly energy forecasts.


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Question of the Week:

Are you being too hard on yourself?

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