“Insecurity & Your Root Chakra” Ep 195


Chakra Healing

The chakra that we are focusing on this week for healing is the 1st chakra.

The color is red.
Affirmation: I am safe and secure.
It is located at the base of your spine.


Question of the Week

Am I listening to my fears? Am I being courageous in my life?


Affirmation to Empower You

As I embrace my insecurities the illusion dissolves and the truth of who I am rises up: I am secure, stable and strong.


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The card that I picked for you from our chakra deck is INSECURITY and we are focusing on the root chakra which is red located at the base of your spine. This first chakra is all about feeling secure and safe.

There are so many things that can knock us down and bowl us over that we really have to be grounded in our truth and our power to face the adversity that we encounter day-to-day.


1. Negative Nelly Goes Down

I love the legend that Tori Hartman shares in the Chakra Oracle guidebook. She talks about the demon red rainbow (I call it the Negative Nelly in your head) we constantly have this voice in our head that’s knocking us down, that’s doubting us, that’s putting in unwarranted fears in our mind and it constantly ruminates.

The legend is this great guy always had creative ideas and started these projects but never finished anything because this demon, the Red Rainbow demon would come in and start telling him negative things like, this is useless, this is a stupid idea, nobodies going to want that, you’re going to get laughed at. And he would never finish anything.

Finally, one time he finally finished the project and it turned out amazing and everybody loved it and he realized that all this time that voice in his head was preventing him from being successful, from being courageous, from being amazing.

So don’t let that happen to you!

Be courageous.
Face adversity.


2. The Thoughts in Your Mind don’t Define You

It’s really important to become aware of what the thoughts in your mind are saying and where they’re coming from. A lot of times they have nothing to do with you! It could be the voice of your parents or the voice of a teacher or the voice of a friend, all that little negative stuff that’s ruminating around in your head.

So I want you to become conscious of these thoughts in your mind and I want you to disconnect from that, disassociate from that.

The thoughts in your mind are not who you are.

We preach that almost every single week. It’s liberating. It’s enlightening because when you realize the thoughts in your mind are not who you are then you can take back your power. You can rise up and be courageous, be fearless. Be that warrior.

You can do it!

Find the power within. You are a spiritual being you come fully equipped with everything that God has because you’re a thumbprint of God, that God spark. You can achieve and have it all. It’s a mindset, literally.

Don’t undervalue yourself and the contribution you’re making to the world.

Each and every day this will get easier and easier and you’ll become stronger and stronger and pretty soon it will all be automatic. You will be automatically fearless.


Three words to Focus On

Three words I want you to focus on for this week to move you into being courageous and align that first chakra are:

1. Freedom

Freedom from connecting with the belief system that you’re not worthy. That’s an illusion. So FREE yourself! You’re the one that’s got the key to the chains that are holding you down.


2. Bravery

Face your fears and do it anyway. Embrace your fears, don’t hide from them, don’t ignore them, embrace and move into it. When you move through it, it dissolves because what you resist persists. When you run from it, it finds you.


3. Success

Be armed with affirmations and mantras so when that negative Nelly starts spinning in your head stand up, take back your power and you will experience more success in your life.


Meditation  “Fearless”

Take a nice deep breath.

Breathe into peace; exhale any fear.

Breathe into peace; exhale any anxiety.

Breathe into peace; exhale any doubt.

Now I want you to take a moment to call in your spiritual team. They are working with you every moment of your day. Call them in and feel their love and support as they come in and surround you.

Now I want you to imagine they are like a friend and you are talking to them and you are telling them.

You know what, I am really afraid of ____.

I really need help with overcoming and being stronger with ___.

So whatever it is I want you to tell them about your fear and just feel that relief. It’s like that bag of potatoes you’ve been carrying around on your back. It’s suddenly gone. You are not in this alone anymore. You have help. You have somebody who cares about you.

And now I want you to imagine them saying to you:

You are stronger than your fears.
You are stronger than your fears.

I am stronger than my fears.
I am stronger than my fears.
I am, without a doubt, stronger than my fears.

Take a nice deep breath, and let that go.

Just completely accepting and embracing whatever you’re afraid of because when you embrace it, you’re no longer afraid of it.

It’s magic.

This meditation is going to help you heal and clear any blockages in that 1st chakra this week.

Remember, you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.


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Question of the Week:

Am I listening to my fears? Am I being courageous in my life?

I’d love to know. Drop it in the comments below!

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