“Manifesting More Money in Your Life” Ep 198


Today I’ve come to share with you a beautiful HEALING Energy Forecast. The card we pulled this week from our chakra deck (Tori Hartman) is ABUNDANCE and we are working to heal and rebalance the yellow 3rd chakra located above the navel, the solar plexus.

The chakra that we are focusing on this week for healing is the 3rd chakra.

Color: yellow
Location: solar plexus
Affirmation: I am worthy.


Question of the Week

Do your thoughts about money empower or disempower you?


Affirmation to Empower You

I am a neverending source of money.  Money loves me and shows up for me.


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1. What you think about you bring about.

What you think about you bring about. Pay close attention to your relationship with money. Are you wise with your money or foolish?

Slow down and make good choices because when you are wise with money it multiplies and when you are foolish with money it goes quickly, flies right out of your hands.

Money is energy and money naturally attracts more when we are grateful and in a state of gratitude and appreciation.

So are you beating money up in your life? Are you angry at money? Are you mad because you don’t have enough or your neighbor has more than you and you’re jealous about money so you’ve got this love/hate relationship going on with money.

Really pay attention to how you’re speaking about money.

Oh, I’m so broke. I can’t afford that. That’s nothing I’m ever going to be able to do in my lifetime. These words that we speak over money are really affecting our ability to manifest money.

Pay attention to how you’re talking with your family, with your friends about money and make sure that you are in the positive and that you are an ally with money.


2. Make friends with money.

I think of money as my best friend somebody that I really love and that’s very loyal to me and I’m loyal to them. That relationship with money really helps me stay grounded and it helps me to multiply money in my life.

I’ve struggled with money. When I was younger I was rich, rich, rich and I had everything I wanted… great car, great guy, great clothes. Then I got pregnant and boom children are expensive and then I decided to go to college and boom that wasn’t cheap.

I’ve had a rollercoaster ride with money in my life and I’m happy to say that I’m in a really good place in my life today. A couple tips to help you manifest more money in your life.

I used to be a shopaholic. I was fine until I would go into a store and then suddenly there were all these things that I didn’t know that I had to have that I couldn’t live without.

Money filled a need. It gives you a rush when you get something new and that wears off really fast. I prayed about this problem and asked God for help.


3. Simplify & send your bank account love daily.

I was hosting an expo and my friend sells signs so I told her to just send me her package and I’d sell them for her. I sold most of the signs but there was one sign that I kept to myself and I put on my wall… simple, super simple sign that said


It’s a red sign with simplify in bold white letters and I popped that on the living room wall. And it’s insane how much that’s changed my life.

What I have found is that I really have simplified my life. I live by the philosophy “less is more.” My favorite hobby is decluttering. I hate having a lot of stuff. I can’t think when I have too much stuff in my space.

#1) I highly recommend a sign that says SIMPLIFY.

#2) Every day I check my bank account and I REIKI my bank account! I rub my hands together and I send my bank account love and light and gratitude and appreciation. I imagine my bank accounts overflowing with abundance and prosperity.

That’s really worked magic in my life as well.


Three words to Focus On

The three words that are going to help you create more magic in your life around money:

1. Friendship

Making friends with money and being respectful, talking respectfully about money.

2. Wisdom

Use money wisely and do not be foolish with it. Make good money decisions. Don’t forget money is an inside job. It doesn’t come from people it comes through people. Money is a reflection of your relationship with yourself and with your Divine, with God.

3. Windfall

If you do #1 and #2 windfall will automatically occur naturally. Money naturally gravitates toward those who are respectful, those who are appreciative and those who are grateful.


Meditation  “Manifest More Money”

Take a nice deep breath and open that space for prosperity and abundance to flow into your life.

If you are able I want you to grab a pile of money for this activity and set it in front of you.

Look at this pile of money.

Feel the money with your fingers and think about all of the hands that this money has passed through, all of the souls this money has helped and blessed.

Now I want you to know, to remember, to understand the truth that money is simply energy. It’s energy.

It’s a vibrational frequency and you can determine what vibration money has in your life.

Is it controlling you? Does it have a low vibration?

Or is it constantly blessing you? Does it have a high vibration?

It’s your choice. I want you to really make friends with money.

What comes up when you look at this pile of money? Allow money to be a blessing and a joy in your life.

Open that space of more money to come into your life and pay attention to how you’re feeling around money because that’s going to indicate where your blocks are.

When someone gives you money do you feel guilty for taking it? Or do you feel like you’re not getting enough like you’re valued?

Or do you feel appreciated and loved and blessed?

Pay attention to your relationship with money and watch it evolve into something beautiful and bold.


This meditation is going to help you heal and clear any blockages in that 3rd chakra this week.

Remember, you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.


For 2019 we are using the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Guidebook to guide us through our weekly energy forecasts.


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Question of the Week:

Do your thoughts about money empower or disempower you?

Do you have any money tips?

I’d love to know. Drop it in the comments below!

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