“I Am Content Where I Am & Eager for More” Ep 202


Today I’m here to share with you a beautiful chakra healing forecast and the card I drew from the Chakra Healing deck by Tori Harman is VANITY. It’s about getting stuck in the land of “Not Enough.”

This week the color is blue which is the 5th or throat chakra that we are rebalancing and it’s all about being heard and feeling like you are enough.


The chakra this week for healing is the 5th chakra:

Color: blue
Location: throat
Affirmation: I am heard.


Question of the Week

Am I feeling disconnected from anyone in my life? Is it time to let go or shift my attention?


Affirmation to Empower You

I am enough. I have enough. I do enough.


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1. The Legend – Aqua People

We’ve got the legend of the aqua people. We have Crystal, Pete & Mike. They’re all having a huge party celebrating their successful business. They just hit a milestone and they are reveling in success.

All of the sudden out of the blue, an old man appears and he asks the question, “Do you prefer gluttony or generosity?”

They’re all like, “WHAT?!?”

Before you know it they are transported to a space away from the party and they’re in a flood. The water is rising and they’re panicking. Mike calls out, “PLAY!”

Crystal & Pete are confused but then Crystal says, “Yes! We must do well with what we have.”

When they began to play and enjoy the water, the water stopped rising.

The moral of the story: Bigger is not always better. Sometimes to get to bigger it’s really critical to be happy where you’re at and make peace with what you have.


2. Don’t get stuck in “Never Enough” land.

More is not always better.

Sometimes we get into that whole rut of never enough. You get more and more and then it’s just never enough. What’s the next thing? What’s the next thing after that?

I’ll never forget I was working with a young person and he was an underachiever. I was working with the whole family and he wasn’t doing well in school and he had done well so they knew he could do better.

I remember a moment, when I asked him what’s your biggest fear if you’re successful?

And his answer was earthshattering because he said, “If I get A’s then that’s what my Dad’s going to expect of me.”

We worked through that using hypnosis and lots of different techniques. He was getting awesome grades slowly coming up from F’s to C’s and then all of a sudden he hit the brakes.

Grades started dropping and I was like, “Oh no, what’s going on at home? What happened?”

And he admitted to me, “As soon as I started to get better grades then my Dad started to demand a certain level of excellence.”

Turns out that was just too much pressure for him and so he just threw it all up in the air and just did what he felt like doing. (Which wasn’t getting good grades.)

So that was that!


3. I Love What I Have & Am Ready for More

Sometimes, bigger is not always better. Sometimes it’s not worth that overwhelm, it’s not worth all of that stress that you’re putting on yourself to get to a certain place that you “think” in your mind is going to make you happy.

It’s critical that you find a way to be happy now, that you make peace with where you’re at.

One of my favorite mantras is “I am content where I am and eager for more.”

Even if you’re not, it’s important to step into that space because the universe is matching your vibration, it’s mirroring you.

So if you’re miserable and “oh, no, I can’t do this!” then the universe is going to give that to you.

And if you’re grateful, happy, embracing what you have finding the goodness in your day then the universe is going to mirror that back to you.

It’s important for all of us not to be looking outside of ourselves for validation. So that’s part of the awareness of this week is making sure you’re validation is coming from within you and not something you need to achieve or gain.

Because that’s not truth, that’s living in that illusion of “if I get that then I’m going to be happy or if I have this then everything’s going to be great.”

It’s important for your joy and happiness to find a way through whatever circumstances you’re in and find that joy.

Your happiness is not dependent upon your life circumstances. Happiness is an inside job. It comes from inside of you so no matter what’s going on around you, you can still choose to be happy now.

That’s another message of this week is that you have the power choose.

You have choice and the power to change.


Three words to Focus On

The 3 words that I want you to focus on for this week to heal and cleanse that 5th chakra and heal that feeling of not being where you should be at this time in your life or feeling like you don’t have enough…

1. Faith

Have faith that you’re moving in the right direction.

2. Awareness

Awareness that you’re not attaching too much importance on things outside of yourself.

3. Transformation

Transformation comes through the gratitude have for the people and things that you have in your life.


Meditation  “Treasures Within”

Our meditation this week is all about gratitude allowing gratitude to release any vanity that we might be feeling this week.

Take a nice deep breath and let that go.

Now I want you to imagine an aqua light inside of you. I think of a swimming pool, a beautiful aqua blue glowing inside of you.

Imagine the people that you love in your life and they’re all coming in and surrounding you.

Next, I want you to see the light building and building and spilling out over onto all of these people and even people you haven’t met yet.

So you are magnetizing those people that are coming in and getting ready to cross your path to connect with you.

Just feel all of the love and all of the gratitude for everyone.

Now just bless them. Thank them for the part they’ve played in your life, the gifts they’ve given you, the wisdom and teachings you’ve gained from them, good, bad or indifferent.

Now I want you to notice the energy around you.

Is there a lightness?

Are you out of your head and in your heart?

Just be with that for a moment.

Breathe into that.

Now notice any messages that you’re receiving from your Spiritual Team, from the loved ones in your life or even the ones that haven’t shown up yet.

Just be aware as you move through the week messages coming to you about gratitude, about love, about being heard and speaking your truth and about transformation.

Take a deep breath and come back into the room.

The question for this week is Am I feeling disconnected from anyone in my life?

Sometimes when we start to feel disconnected with people in our life it’s time for them to move out and it’s okay.

As we let go and disconnect from people that aren’t in alignment with our vibration anymore it’ll allow opportunities for new people to enter in, new experiences and new relationships.

So become aware of anyone in your life that you’re feeling disconnected with and ask yourself, “Is it time to let this relationship go?”

If it’s not, then do what needs to be done to maintain it. Maybe you’re neglecting it?

This meditation is going to help you heal and clear any blockages in that 5th chakra this week.

Remember, you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.


For 2019 we are using the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Guidebook to guide us through our weekly energy forecasts.


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Question of the Week:

Am I feeling disconnected from anyone in my life? Is it time to let go or shift my attention?

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