Tips on Influencing People “Lead with Love” Messages from Metatron

This week your energy is best spent stepping into and fully embracing your leadership skills and potential. As you open to a new level of influence it is important to come from a place of love and respect.

As you water those around you with blessings of joy, more blessings of joy will return to you. It is much like planting flowers and waiting patiently for them to bloom.

If you show up for them every day with the only expectation of helping them realize their fullest potential, when they are ready, they will bloom unexpectedly. For their motivation will arise from inside of themselves and sustain them long after you are gone.

Lead with love and be a blessing to others on your path. As you do magical things will begin to happen in your life because you will be harnessing the power of the Universe, the power of God.



I am a powerful leader respected and loved by many.



Welcome, I am Metatron, here in service to humanity. Welcoming in the Pleiadians this beautiful day of your Full Moon. The energy is electrifying as you continue your expansion, your learning, your healing here on your earth journey.

Move into your heart, open up that beautiful, sacred space that infinite wellspring of love that you are.

Feel your spiritual team surround you with their gentleness and their grace. You have been specifically called here to share in this energetic attunement.

We welcome you as we are delighted that you have answered that call opening to more in your life.

This week your energy is best spent leading with love.

Some of you may be in supervisory positions, some of you may simply be running a household or some of you may be looked upon by friends and family as a source of strength and wisdom. No matter what your current role is at this moment, this week we want you to…

be aware of how you are influencing others.

We want you to be aware of your power with your words, with your thoughts, with your intentions.

Your expectations create your outcome. If you expect them to fail, that will be the outcome you will receive. If you expect them to succeed, so too that, is fully available to manifest.

Again, this week we want you to focus and tune into how you are currently influencing the people around you, how you can influence them and lead them from a place of love and joy vs. judgment, expectation or frustration.

It is much like your garden. You plant the seeds and you know from experience that that seed will blossom and bloom as you show up for it every day. As you water it, as you are present with it. Your joy when you see that first sprout fuels the desire and motivation for that plant, that flower to continue to grow.

Everything in your world is energy…

and so you may not think of the human characteristics when it comes to objects and plants in your environment but they are very much connected to you emotionally and as you thrive not only will the people in your life thrive but so too will the plants that you so joyously, lovingly lavish your energy on.

Let go of your attachments to wanting things to be a certain way especially with those that you are leading. Take a deep breath, take a step back and meet them where they are at.

Always creating a safe, sacred space to assist them when they are ready to take the next step. For when their movement is motivated intrinsically it will be long-standing and purposeful.

When their motivation comes from a place of wanting to please you, you will often find that drive short-lived.

For that is not what you desire in the end. You desire to create that sacred place for them to thrive and be all that they came here to be.

You have great power. You have great command and reverence from those people that surround you.

This will continue to grow as you meet them where they are at. Do not force them before they are ready or push them. And on the other hand, do not enable them allowing them to get too comfortable and not stretch their wings. Just as a mother bird with her babies, sometimes you need to step back and allow them to fly on their own.

Too much hand-holding blocks and interferes with their growth. Do not smother. Simply allow.

And remember your vision of what they can become, your vision of what they can achieve, your belief in them without even saying or doing anything holds tremendous power and great influence in their own personal outcome.





Remember you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.

✝ I am Metatron and I have spoken here this day. ✝

We would LOVE to hear your thoughts! 

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