Walk Away, Tough Love & Be Careful What You Wish For Ep155


This week your energy is best spent walking away.


1.) It’s time to dig deep and do what needs to be done and stop thinking about it. The Universe is supporting you in taking action and leaving this situation.



Sometimes when we hang on too long the Universe creates something that forces us to leave. That might come in the guise of a lay-off or corporate restructuring. Or if you are in a relationship that might come in the form of an affair or lost passion.


The Affirmation to Empower you this week:

I walk away from people or situations that are no longer serving me.


Whether it’s a job that you’ve stayed in too long or a relationship that’s worn out it’s welcome it’s time to put on your boots and walk out that door. And best to do it on your own terms rather than get thrown a curve ball by the Universe!


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2.) “Tough love” is important this week when it comes to the people in your life. They have been taking advantage of you for far too long, you need to rise up and make a change if you want different results.


The effort you are expending is taking a toll on you and in the end, it won’t be worth it. 
Your Angels want you to know that they’ve seen the effort you’ve put forth. You’ve really done all you can. You cannot change a person, but you can change the energy you put into them. That is your choice.


If you continue on the path you’ve been on with this person it may blow up in your face. You are interfering with their life path; the lessons and learnings they came here to experience.


We can’t save everyone and we can’t fix everyone now is it your job to even try. Your power always lies in staying in your own circle of influence and shining your light for all to see.


Sometimes that involves keeping your mouth shut and not getting involved. If you knew that your help is actually not only hurting the other person but it’s hurting yourself would you rethink how you are handling things?


Everyone needs to walk their own journey, just because you’ve had more experiences and you know better doesn’t mean it’s in the highest good of all for you to make their life easier.


What ends up happening is when you bail your child out of debt or get that car for them it prolongs the inevitable. They will end up in debt again or unable to support themselves because you being the hero and saving the day did not help them figure anything out at all. It only created another situation for them to do it all over again, without your help.


Trust in others that God gave them the skills and resources they need to figure everything out in their life. No one needs you to fix things for them. Tough love is tough. If it were easy it wouldn’t be called “tough” love.


3.) You’ve been working hard toward something in your life that you thought would make you happy but you realize it will not. Be careful what you wish for. It’s not too late to recalculate.


We are currently in the shadow week of Mercury Retrograde which hits full force this Friday and it’s a beautiful opportunity to slow down and rethink what it is that you want. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and always have Plan B in case what you thought you wanted turns out to be your worst nightmare.


It’s not too late to choose again. Things are not set in stone. You can always change your mind and start over.

Remember, you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.


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