“How to Reach Your Full Potential” Ep 212



Personal Growth & Individuality

Our numbers for this week are

7 and 11

I want you to close your eyes and feel into each number. One of these numbers holds a SPECIAL message for you and you alone. As you are guided by your heart LISTEN to the number that is calling you…

Which number is whispering to your heart? 

Drop it in the comments below and scroll down to read the messages or watch our video then let me know what part of the message  SPOKE directly to you.

Maybe it was a word or sentence or maybe as you were reading or listening to the message your team said something DIRECT to you. Or… watch for signs throughout the week that this message was meant for you. 💕💕💕

Go ahead and pop it in the comments below 7 or 11 and what resonated.


Questions for the Week

Who am I? What do I want? What’s holding me back?

Do you find yourself biting your tongue or not speaking up?

Affirmation to Empower You

As I improve myself, I improve the circumstances of my life. (7)

I am true to myself more and more each and every day. (11)


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Who am I?
What do I want?
What is preventing me from getting what I want?

The 7 is all about PERSONAL GROWTH this week. If you picked the number 7 you are being invited to do a life review which is perfect for the end of the year.

We have two days left of 2019 and the year will be over and gone!

Really pay attention to what comes up when you ask yourself those three questions because personal growth is also about raising your awareness.

You can’t make changes in your life if you’re not aware of what needs to be changed.

There is significant growth occurring for you this week and your energy is best spent doing that life review.

1. acknowledge your limitations
2. set realistic goals
3. follow-thru

I know one thing I’ve done differently is I joined an accountability group and it’s already been life-changing. We’ve only been meeting about 3-4 weeks and I have gotten so much done it’s incredible.

Whatever it is you need to do to make sure that action gets taken, that follow-thru is super important for you because

Desire + Determination = Full Potential

You are unstoppable! 2020 is your year to dig deep and make it happen.

It’s also really important for you not only to raise your awareness but to raise your self-esteem. Anything that is going to help with your confidence… if there’s a book you’ve been wanting to buy grab it! If something has caught your eye and you’re feeling drawn to it make time, make it happen.


As I improve myself, I improve the circumstances in my life.



So do you feel yourself biting your tongue or not speaking up?

That’s the question you want to be paying attention to as you move through this week.

If you picked 11 you are really being invited to pay attention to when you’re biting your tongue or not speaking up.

One thing I’ve learned is that Spirit speaks to us all the time. And sometimes they have messages that they want us to share with other people but we might be afraid somebody might get upset or maybe it isn’t something they’d want to hear so you’re afraid of how they might react to that.

If you chose 11 you are really being asked to stretch yourself because it’s not only about embracing your own individuality, the beautiful unique person that you are, but it’s also about speaking your truth and not worrying about how other people are going to react.

As long as you are being integrous (a and respectful and honoring it’s important that you don’t bite your tongue and zip your lip that’s a nada this week… it’s the opposite.

Open your mouth and get it out.

You’re also being invited to break away from the pack. If you’ve been a bit of a follower in the past or wanted to go along to get along. No more.

That’s over!

That life is doooone!!!!

You’re being invited to step out on your own and this might also be a good time to start your own business, an entrepreneur this is 2 thumbs up for that.

Or if you’ve been working with a group of people and maybe thinking you’d be better off on your own… YES!

It is about finding your own unique path and expressing that… embracing and celebrating that path and taking the road less traveled. If everybody’s going right, it’s time for you to go left.

Go the other way. Don’t follow, make your own way.

Also, remember…

What others think of you is not your business.

I know we try to make it our business. We’re so worried about what everybody is thinking or what they might say.

You lose your power. You’re weak when you do that. Stay in your power! There’s your business, my business, and God’s business. When I’m in your business (or God’s business)I’m power LESS when I’m in my business I’m powerFUL.

That’s by Byron Katie, one of my all-time favorite spiritual teachers.

Stay in your own business. That’s where your power lies. So when you honor your individuality, you honor your feelings you are able to reclaim your personal power and improve the quality of your life.

Sometimes as a highly sensitive person it’s difficult to manage all of these emotions, all of these feelings, especially with the holidays being around family, bring up so much of this energy.

Not only just dealing with your own emotions, but trying to process everybody else’s that you can feel around you as an empath as a highly sensitive person.

Sometimes that can be overwhelming, but realizing this is a gift, not a curse that you’ve been blessed to be able to feel things at a deeper level and that’s okay.

Embrace and honor who you are.


I am true to myself more and more each and every day.


Thank you for joining us for “Julie’s Numerology Forecast.”

We always love to hear from you so let us know did you pick 7, did you pick 11?

How did that message feel for you? Spot on or over in the left field?

Remember, you did not come to this planet alone. You have a Spiritual Team along with your very own legion of angels (that you do not share with anyone else) that are here uplifting and inspiring you daily.

Ask and be open to receive their guidance.

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You are a Manifesting Diva!

Did you choose #7 or #11?

I’d love to know how you connected with our message this week.

Drop it in the comments below!

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  1. Diane Christophersen on December 26, 2019 at 4:21 pm

    #11 – spot on. 🙂

    • Julie Geigle on December 29, 2019 at 11:11 am

      My favorite words!! (That and “done” lol) 💐

  2. Janine on December 24, 2019 at 2:57 pm

    Bulls eye 🎯 with #11
    Amazing how beautifully intertwined we truly are !
    Blessings Dear Julie much appreciate your time

    • Julie Geigle on December 29, 2019 at 11:11 am

      Love it Janine!!! You totally rock! 🚀

  3. Rita Nichols on December 24, 2019 at 10:26 am

    7! All of it.

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