“Is Your Family Draining Your Energy?” Pick a number 63 or 80? Ep247

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PICK A NUMBER 63 or 80?

Which number is calling you today?

The two numbers I picked for today are 63 and 80. Take a nice deep breath and breathe into these numbers. One of these numbers is calling your name.

Which one has a prominent message for you today? Usually, the second one is kind of a back-up.

Do you have it?

Awesome! Drop it in the comments below and read the message you chose.



Parenting & Create

Dig Deeper

Is your family draining your energy?

What is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Affirmations to Empower

I love and nurture children and make the world a brighter place.. (63)

I have everything I need inside of me to create a beautiful life. (80)


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63 ~ Parenting

Is your family draining your energy?

If 63 was calling your name today it means that you are gifted as a parent. You were born to parent. This is your life purpose. Whether you are doing it full-time or part-time, working with children is part of your natural God-given talents.

You have extra patience that the average person doesn't have. You have a nurturing persona that attracts kids like a magnet and so it's really important for you to be gentle with yourself.

Don't be hard on yourself, don't beat yourself up. Give yourself the patience you extend to the children around you.

So whether you are working with children, teaching children, or parenting children this is your Divine life mission.

There's no need to look any further. Focus 150% on this gift, this talent that you have of pouring love into kids and when you do that it just opens up more love to flow into your life.

Don't underestimate the value of time. Even just a little bit of time. This card might be an indication that you need to spend more quality time with your children instead of just quantity.

Sometimes that's hard to do when they get older. It's really easy when they're little, but when they get older and they're more self-sufficient it's hard to have that quality time.

Make sure you're incorporating a family game night or even just 15 min a night of chatting one-on-one with your child.

I started to do that with my daughter she was acting out and the teacher recommended spending 10-15 min with her every night and she gets to choose whatever she wants to do.

I'm telling you it completely changed our relationship. A little goes a long way.

Let's take a look at our numbers...

6 - Harmony
3 - Ascended Masters / Discipline DOUBLED
6+3=9 - Service

63 - Parenting is your Divine life plan.

You are one of our ESSENTIAL workers. Without you humanity would not even exist! So give yourself a pat on the back and keep up the good work.

Remember it takes a village to raise a child so even if you are not a parent we are all contributing to the harmony of the planet when we watch out for those little ones. Even just a smile can make a big difference.

Love & Relationships

In terms of love #63  is wanting you to know that this isn't the time to make hasty decisions or ultimatums. It's important to take a deep breath and maybe even take a step back. This is a sign of encouragement and a beautiful infusion of love. The angels are just surrounding your relationship with love and you will be able to figure this out. Hang in there. This is not hopeless.


I love and nurture children and make the world a brighter place.  (63)

Be sure to post your affirmation in the comments below to give it an extra punch of energy in your week.


80 ~  Create (4:33 )

What is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? (Mary Oliver)

If you picked 80 the Angels want you to know that you have the power, the tenacity, the ingenuity, the intelligence to literally create whatever it is that you desire in your life.

It's also a sign from the universe that your work has not gone unnoticed. You have pursued your passion, you've lived with integrity, you've lived on purpose and not compromised your integrity and the Universe is giving you an extra dose of blessings and abundance.

It's not easy to follow your heart.

It's also super important to trust yourself. So if you've been second-guessing... "oh I don't know if I can do that or not," you have everything you need inside of you. Be resourceful you can do this and you can be wildly successful with this.

When we look at these numbers we just can't get it wrong!

8 - Prosperity
0 - Amplifies or Magnifies number it's next to
8+0 = 8 - Prosperity squared!

80 - You are on fire and it's time to Create!

Love & Relationships

In terms of love, #80 is all about being kinder, more generous. Maybe you've been a bit needy or a tad cranky take a deep breath, take a step back and be sure to acknowledge and appreciate the gifts that your partner is bringing to the table. #80 has life-transforming energy that's being infused into your relationship so focus on what it is that you desire because that is manifesting at warp speed.


I have everything inside of me that I need to create a beautiful life. (80)


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Go ahead and pop it in the comments below 63 or 80  and what resonated.

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Ask and be open to receive their guidance.

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  1. David Uma on December 25, 2020 at 12:55 am

    63: I love and nurture children and make the world a brighter place.

    When I tuned into my heart to know which number called out to me (between 63 and 80), all I could see in my mind’s eye was the number 7. I was kinda surprised because 7 is not one of the options presented by Julie/Metatron, but when I thought about it I realized that 7is a denominator of 63 (7×9=63).

    And when I eventually read the message for #63, I was totally blown away by how deep each word spoke to me as a caregiver/big brother/uncle to the dozens of cousins, nephews and nieces in my large family.

    I’m really grateful to be in such a beautiful position to nurture my younger ones into the best versions of themselves. I know that I have all the resources I need to make the most of this experience.

    Thanks Julie/Metatron.

    • Julie Geigle on December 26, 2020 at 4:31 pm

      Ahhh so lovely David. Thank you for sharing. You are truly a gift to all those you love and nurture. 💝

  2. Debra on December 24, 2020 at 9:05 pm

    Hi Julie, I picked 80 as it was right for me. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Talk soon

    • Julie Geigle on December 26, 2020 at 4:30 pm

      Awesome Debra blessings to you and your family as well. 💞

  3. Tina Willard on December 24, 2020 at 4:48 pm

    I have everything inside of me that I need to create a beautiful life. (80)

    I originally chose 63. But, as I read both messages, I truly feel 80 is most appropriate for me and befitting at this time in my life. Thank you Julie for the lovely messages.

    • Julie Geigle on December 26, 2020 at 4:30 pm

      Yes, absolutely Tina I totally agree! 🌷

  4. Cathleen O'Connor on December 24, 2020 at 2:33 pm

    Blessings of Christmas, Julie to you and your family. I picked 80. I have everything inside of me that I need to create a beautiful life. (80) Feels so right for me. 💖

    • Julie Geigle on December 26, 2020 at 4:29 pm

      Ah so perfect for you Cathleen. Wishing you a lovely New Year! 🎉

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