“Are You Feeling Lost & Disconnected?” Pick a number 17 or 77? Ep267

720 lost and alone

PICK A NUMBER 17 or 77?

Which number is calling you today?

The two numbers I picked for today are 17 and 77. Take a nice deep breath and breathe into these numbers. One of these numbers is calling your name.

Which one is calling to you?

Do you have it?

Awesome! Drop it in the comments below and read the message you chose.



Enlightenment & Divinity

Dig Deeper

Are you ready for something big?

Or maybe you're feeling lost and disconnected?

Affirmations to Empower

I am ready for the next step on my spiritual path. (17)

I am in the Divine. The Divine is in me. We are one. (77)

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17 ~ Enlightenment

Are you ready for something big?!?

#17 means that you are on a journey of spiritually awakening. If you don't know what this means definitely google it and learn more because this is a big deal. There's only about 3-8% of the population that are on this journey of awakening and an even smaller percent that are moving into enlightenment.

But it's absolutely possible and you've been chosen!

If you're seeing 17 it's time to develop those spiritual gifts. Dive in don't be afraid and don't worry about what others might think of you as you're developing your spiritual gifts as you're dabbling a little bit in things that others might find a bit woo woo.

It's all right everybody's on their own spiritual path and you might find that once you start walking down yours and embracing your power it inspires others to do the same.

#17 means that there is good fortune coming into your life as you embrace this beautiful awakening that's occurring.

If we dial back our numbers today we get...

1 -  Make a Wish / Motivation
7 - On the Right Path / Persistent
1+7=8 - Abundance / Infinity

17 - You are on the path not only of awakening but moving into the deepest state that which we call enlightenment where all suffering ends.

Love & Relationships

In terms of love, #17 is a lucky sign. It means that there's hope and success coming in your relationship. You're being inspired to move into the next level.

If you're single this is a message about going inward. The love that you seek is actually inside of you. It begins with you and if you don't do the work on yourself you will just attract more bad relationships and feel disconnected like you've experienced in the past.

So clean up your house (inside) and then the Universe can really bring you that soul mate, that twin flame.

Affirmations to Empower

I am ready for the next step on my spiritual path. (17)


Be sure to post your affirmation in the comments below to give it an extra punch of energy in your week.

77 ~ Divinity (4:44)

Are you feeling lost and disconnected?

#77 comes to let you know that you are not alone. That you have been created super special and nobody has that same unique gifts that you alone hold.

Remember where you came from. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. When you embrace that truth when you live your whole life from that sacred place it literally changes everything.

This is a sign that it's important for you to connect with God, to connect with your own Divinity because it is in the disconnection that makes you feel lost and lonely, and hopeless.

The way back home is your connection to God, the Divine Source Energy. (or whatever that is for you)

This is really important for you to focus on this connection in your life. You can do that with prayer, meditation, or even yoga helps you to attune to the Divinity that is within you.

It is the path to peace.

If you're feeling discombobulated, you feel like things are out of control, you don't even know where to start.

This is the place to start. A simple prayer every day. I love the Lord's Prayer but it can be anything. It doesn't have to be a prayer from the bible it can just be something you say to yourself, a quote, or mantra.

Starting your day off with a sacred moment, I light a candle. I love to light a white candle. I love to say the Lord's Prayer and then I like to just sit in silence and drink a cup of coffee.

It's just really simple.

And that's my connection, every single day to God and I talk to God like he's my best friend and I pour my heart out to him. I have never felt so connected in my life.

This incredible connection with the Divine spills over into every relationship you have, into everything you do in your life.

There's a beautiful grace and blessings that come in when you truly have an authentic connection with the Divine.


If we take a closer look at the energy in this number it reveals...

7 - On the Right Path / Persistent
7 - On the Right Path / Persistent DOUBLED!
7+7=14; 1+4=5 - Change / Hope

#77 - Become more spiritually attuned to God's presence in your life.


Love & Relationships

In terms of love, #77 today's message is about giving you hope in your relationship. You are a very heart-centered person and it does not go unnoticed by the Angels, by your Team.

This heart-centered way of being is really your superpower in your relationship because you love unconditionally, you forgive easily and you always come from your heart.

You tend to deal with issues and show up in your relationship from your heart instead of your head and sometimes can be detrimental but it is actually your superpower when you learn to navigate it well.

Your ability to love unconditionally is absolutely a BONUS for the people in your life. You are in HIGH demand. People love to be around you because you are overflowing with love.

You always have inspiring words, you always have a beautiful smile, you always extend love to everybody, everywhere no matter what.

So in all of your relationships you really are the bright and shining star. And even if the people in your life don't always acknowledge that they do notice it and their life is forever changed because of your grace and love in it.

If you are single there's a lot of passion in your heart and soul but you have a tendency to be judgmental or maybe a bit over anaylitacal.

As far as being single goes it's really important for you to become aware and become conscious of your judgmental nature and try to be more open-hearted and more forgiving and loving in that.

The bottom line for all romantic relationships is to be more accepting and less judgmental.



I am in the Divine. The Divine is in me. We are one. (77)


DON'T FORGET: To activate your affirmation by popping it in the comments below.

Maybe it was a word or sentence I said or maybe as you were reading or listening to the message and your team said something DIRECT to you. Or... watch for signs throughout the week that this message was meant for you. 💕💕💕

Go ahead and pop it in the comments below 17 or 77  and which number resonated with you?

Thank you for joining us for "Julie's Numerology Reading."

Remember, you did not come to this planet alone. You have a Spiritual Team along with your very own legion of angels (that you do not share with anyone else) that are here uplifting and inspiring you daily.

Ask and be open to receiving their guidance.

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  1. David Uma on November 8, 2021 at 1:48 am

    I am in the Divine. The Divine is in me. We are one. (77)

    • Julie Geigle on November 9, 2021 at 8:30 pm

      I never get tired of hearing this. Hello David. Lovely to see you here. Hope you are well. 😉

  2. Susan Dusek on November 7, 2021 at 8:02 pm

    #77 showing up with my heart

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