Expanding Time

Messages from Muhammad:

We ask you to feel your vibration moving higher and higher.  Imagine a thermometer and moving that vibration up the thermometer scale.  Continuing to focus on your vibration.  Through your intention you can move your vibration up and down the scale.  As we’re moving higher our connection with the spiritual realm gets stronger and clearer.  As we move it lower, we step more into the Earth dimension of limitations and time.   And so we would like to share with with you the concept of expanding time.

We know many of you struggle with the concept of not enough time.  Time is an illusion.  You can expand time simply with this vision of the thermometer.  When time is restricted and you feel overwhelmed or rushed, you are focusing within that Earth plane dimension and you become like a hamster on a wheel.  You can simply step off the hamster wheel by becoming aware of your feeling constricted and overwhelmed.  And moving into that space, moving into your breath through your meditation you can take your vibration to another level, increasing it, moving it up higher and higher and higher and as you do that you move out of the Earth dimension into the timeless, into the formless, into the spiritual realm.

There are many things in the spiritual realm you have direct access to, but the limitations of Earth prevent you from knowing, seeing, or doing.  These limitations are actually limitations you placed on yourself and they can be moved freely, easily, effortlessly at will.”

Channeled 9/12/11 Part I: Expanding Time.

Julie Geigle

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