“Family Traditions” Messages from Metatron

ENERGY FORECAST FOR November 20th-26th

Your energy is best spent this week by being present with family and remembering that family gatherings are opportunities to learn and grow from each other.

The mantra to stay grounded in peace:

“This is all an illusion. The only thing that is real is love.”

Welcome, I am Metatron here in service to humanity. We are excited to join you here today to talk about your topic of family and holidays.

We are aware that the holidays and the idea of family oftentimes brings much stress into your life.

We would like to ease some of those turbulent emotions that are triggered as you gather together with family, extended family and relatives people you don’t normally see on a day-to-day basis.

But before we delve deeper into our discussion here, we would like to offer you a beautiful healing, a beautiful cleansing and clearing for your soul.

Take a nice deep breath and allow yourself to drift, deeper and deeper into this beautiful sacred space. Feel the energy of the Pleiadians as they move closer into this circle today offering new downloads, new transmissions of light,

helping you to understand what is occurring on a deeper level as you gather together with your family.

We want you to become aware of your body, of your breathing and use your body and your breath as an anchor. Allow this healing to come forth into your heart now.

Your heart is opening, opening, opening to receive the light, to receive the healing and as you open your heart and create a beautiful safe space within yourself, within your soul it allows you to stay grounded.

Grounded in what is important in your life, grounded in the truth that your experience here on this planet is an illusion and that you have the power and the ability to shape and mold and create the experience that you desire.

We want you to become aware of how you are feeling as you gather together, imagine coming together for this beautiful day of Thanksgiving. You may become aware of images of past encounters with these people, past trauma or pain, words spoken or unspoken.

Just the thought or idea of engaging may bring anxiety and unease.

We would like you to take a breath and release those images and those thoughts for that is all they are, thoughts in your mind.

Imagine now in this experience or call forth a moment or word that gave you great joy or beautiful meaning, maybe it was a hug or that first moment you arrive and you are all excited to see each other, maybe it’s the pleasure of watching children play or sharing a meal together.

Take your energy and focus upon the joy and the love and if you cannot find harmony from a previous encounter we would like you to create it now in your mind.

This is your life. This is your movie. You are the star. You choose the casting characters who are coming together, joining in the creation of the movie that is your life.

You cannot choose what they do or what they say but you do have full and complete control over what you do and what you say.

As you create in your mind, the perfect holiday experience it allows your soul, yourself, to align with goodness and grace instead of fear and anxiety.

When you are in that place the spiritual realm is able to move closer to you helping you to create and experience that which you desire.

It is all a matter of perception.

Perceive with eyes of love as you gather together with your family. Allow your heart to overflow with harmony and peace.

As you feel the triggers and the buttons being pushed, remind yourself to take a deep breath. Focus on your body, step away … go to the bathroom, go outside, tune into your Angelic council and allow us to help you to move back into balance and peace.

You are not in this alone, you have many beings of light standing ready by your side to assist you in every encounter and endeavor in your life.

Call upon us as we are here to assist you in creating a journey that is filled with beautiful experiences, joyful moments and happy memories.

Remember you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.

✝️ I am Metatron and I have spoken here this day. ✝️

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