Tips for a Successful Event Experience:


  1. Download the Zoom App to your phone or computer (this is optional but makes it easier)
  2. Test the login link or phone number below to make sure everything is working.
    * open the zoom app
    * enter the meeting ID 828 282 2828
    * enter the password: 4444
  3. If one device isn't working power off and power back on
  4. If that doesn't solve the issue try a different device
  5. LOGIN IN 15 MIN BEFORE CLASS TIME to make sure your link is working and you have time to troubleshoot if not. We will be playing the Moola Mantra to ground the energy 15 min before class starts.




"Activate Your Intuition / Awaken Your Divine Potential"
And find out if you're a Lightworker and in the right career!


Join by computer:
Meeting ID#: 828 282 2828
Password: 4444

Join by phone:
1 646 876 9923
Meeting ID#: 828 282 2828
Phone Password: 892054



πŸ’«Β  REMINDERS sent 1 day before class and 1 hour before we start.

πŸ’« Β BONUS #1:Β Lightworkers Academy >> SPECIAL SIGN-UP BONUS << for live attendees only.

πŸ’«Β  BONUS #2: free psychic reading for those who attend "LIVE" be sure to stay till the end!



Did something come up and you can't make this date?


The replay will be sent soon after the live class airs.

We have 3 live classes scheduled at 90 min each. If one doesn't work for you feel free to jump into another one. The links are the same.

1. Thursday, 8/25 @ 10am CST
2. Thursday, 8/25 @ 3pm CST


This free masterclass kicks off our annual LIGHTWORKERS ACADEMY.

CLICK HERE to learn more about our Spiritual Development Program which certifies you as a SPIRITUAL LIFE COACH.



I look forward to connecting with you soon. πŸ’–

Warm Blessings,
Julie Geigle/Metatron xoxo